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October 24, 2005

"The band weren't very good and I'm not having a nice time." They're on top of the NME charts right now, the shit hot rock group Arctic Monkeys out of Sheffield. Flash video of "I bet you look good on the dancefloor". MP3 goodness on aurgasm.
Curious George- Gas Prices Our gas company (Keyspan) is offering us the chance to lock the gas prices for the winter, and I was just wondering... more inside
After Greenspan... "The public worships Alan Greenspan for his oracular wisdom. But what is his legacy? It includes a crazy housing market, overextended consumers and a burst stock bubble". Clearly not everyone thinks well of Greenspan. Either way, the new guy's got his work cut out for him.
Run for your life! more inside
Curious, George: Genius wanted I'm looking for real geniuses. Know any? more inside
Democracy Arrives in Afghanistan! Basically, these bodies were decomposing, and needed to be buried or burned. So, in order to elicit attacks from the Taliban, the soldiers burned the bodies because they can't find the Taliban otherwise.
McDonalds Looks to Sell Quality McDonald's on Monday will kick off a two-day media event to tout the quality of its food and combat critics who say its burgers and fries are unhealthy. more inside
San Francisco in Jello. Liz Hickok creates sculpture of the city landmarks, using Jello. Everyone's got room for ... the Bay Bridge?
Interview with Orhan Pamuk. Der Spiegel interviews Mr. Pamuk who was in Frankfurt for the Book Fair and to accept the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. more inside
Celebrity lookalikes. Hours of fun. more inside
Curious George: Is Rockwool more insulating than an air gap? As winter's cold tentacles creep into my house and penetrate me with icy determination, my thoughts also turn to insulation.
This game is no longer available so he made his own. more inside
Get a feline life? Try Catster. At 43 Things, 8 people want to have a catster.com cat of the week. There's already a fanlisting for Catster called Kitty Connection which apparently has six members. Laughing Squid featured it in one entry a couple of days ago. It has been around for about a month. A review of it says the original Dogster was launched as a spoof, but took off. more inside