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October 22, 2005

Robo-Monkey. From WowWee comes a talking robotic chimpanzee head. video
The value of Monkeyfilter. Based on the research of Tristan Louis, the dollar value of various websites is now possible to be determined. Monkeyfilter apparently is worth $173,313.78. more inside
Shake's insults. I have no idea what a 'pumpion' may be but it sounds foul, especially in combination with 'pottle-deep'!
Falcon dive-bombing starlings wins top photo prize: "I felt the fear and the starlings' urgent need to survive, and the psychological pressure of the falcon as it dive-bombed the small birds," says Italian Manuel Presti of his photograph Sky Chase, overall winner of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, organised by the Natural History Museum, London, UK, and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Seen at Follow Me Here... more inside
Smell it, buy it Going into my local DIY store (run by British hegemony of PLC's) I noticed a freshly sawn pine smell that ceased directly 20 meters inside. No news really but heres the rest: Cinemas - popcorn Supermarkets - Baked bead Potatoes - Irish soil Supermarkets - Roasted coffee Grass seed - grass scent Cosmetics store - talcum powder smell and Barbeques - Hickory Plastic notebooks - leather New cars - New car smell
Poochie sez: "Pray five times a day!" With Omar as Homer, and Badr substituted for Bart, The Simpsons is now playing on Arab television ... [and] he has swapped Duff beer for soft drinks. more inside
Curious George. Ugh, Internet radio problems. How can get an uninterrupted stream? What players to use? Please share your success stories and techniques used.
419 is a Joke... Or at least a game, to the Nigerian fraudsters who flood your e-mail with countless spams. "The atmosphere of silent concentration inside the cafe is absolute, strangely reminiscent of a university library before exams. Except, that is, for the odd guffaw or cheer. The doors are locked from 10:30 p.m. until 7 a.m., so the cyber thieves can work in peace without fear of armed intruders." [Via] more inside
Wiggliest Person ever! ...I've seen contortion...but this is amazing. (video link)