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October 18, 2005

Curious George: Am I Being Coerced? Is my company's CEO just being a go-getter in his charitable fundraising, or is he using his position of power in a coercive and possibly illegal way? Legal monkeys, please hope me. more inside
Google-Kai is the name of our SON. Brave new world
The Terror Threat Level Has Nothing to do whatsoever with the Cheney/Rove Headlines. Nope.
Commercials of Harry Egipt! Treasures [?] from Estonia circa the 80's. Everything from the truly bizarre to social propaganda and in between... [.mpg or .wmv files, a couple of which contain nudity, non-English site] more inside
Sociable, George: One more time! more inside
Ba Jin dies. Literary giant and one of the last direct links to the anarchist movement in early 20th century China, Ba Jin (a.k.a 李芾甘, Pa Chin) is perhaps best remembered for his trilogy 'Family ". When the Snow Melted.
Curious Poop Monkeys: Help me toilet train my too-smart-for-his-own-britches 3 1/2 yr old. more inside
Curious George: Keeping my wife warm! With the cooler weather a-coming, and the energy prices a-rising, the woman has tasked me with sealing up the drafty house. more inside
Two days too late for Sweetest Day: but you don't need Hallmark to be romantic. Here are some "easy to understand romantic love poems", "love stories for every mood and occasion", and "super hot tips to heat up the passion in your home" (the last link from "America's Romantic Expert"). more inside
Curious George: Fonts! I'm a small-potatoes publisher and once again I am faced with picking fonts for a new nonfiction title. Any fontaholics here? What are your favorite body text typefaces? more inside