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October 04, 2005

Bike Pr0n Fantastic photos for fixie fetishists.
Kirk-Spock romance website. Tons of fan art and stories. (first pages SFW). If Kirk & Spock aren't your thing, there's a whole smorgasbord on Usenet (NSFW). via
Curious Six Degrees Name Dropping George. Six degrees of separation between you and everyone else in the world, they say. But I bet Monkeys could get to famous people with fewer. The rules: A degree counts only if you know someone and they *also* know you by name. Let me start: my sister works with someone whose sister lives in a French village close to John Malkovich. John knows her by name. That means I'm four degrees away from Malky. Perhaps he'll let me crash at his house. more inside
RIP Nipsey Russell Nipsey Russell, who died Sunday at 81, was a pioneering black comedian who was successful enough to became ubiquitous as a guest on game shows, among other venues, setting him up as the kind of celebrity of whom nobody is quite sure how he got there or why. Yet Russell was part of a generation for whom appearing in regular television roles was itself a step forward.
Anonymous George: need advice on gastroplasty, etc. My fiancée Pat received a call last night from her Aunt Janet telling her that Pat’s 54 year old mom, Carla, was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems. more inside
Xena and Gabrielle, together forever. Scientists have dubbed celestial object 2003 UB313 'Xena', and her orbiting moon 'Gabrielle'. Aww... so cute. more inside
Ronnie Barker has died. Star of The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours and my fave, Porridge, died today aged 76. Ah. Sorry for the newsfilter, but he was a top funny chap.
Illiterate sets up library. ...nearly all the books are mysteries. Born into a poor family, he dropped out of school after third grade and, at 51, is practically illiterate...books, he knows, are the gateway to a life of greater possibility and more promise than his own. So bloomed the passion that has consumed Leite's free time over the last two years: transforming his home into a public library...
Roy Moore, Governor? The guy who disobeyed a federal order banning the placement of the 10 commandments memorial on federal property is now running for Governor of Alabama. more inside
MoFi CDX V: It is that time again. Please go to the above link to vote on a date. If you want in, be sure to email me at the new and improved MoFi CDX email address: moficdx@gmail.com If you need schoolin' in the rules of the swap, visit the subsite. Drop your questions here or over there.
When did you stop beating your wife? MoveOn.org (a prominent liberal USAian political action group) has put out a call for dirt (in the guise of "research") about SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers, with such questions as "What was her record at the head of the scandal-ridden Texas Lottery Commission?" and "White House Council Alberto Gonzales played a pivotal role in softening Americas stance on torture. What positions has Harriet Miers advocated for in the same role?" via LostRemote