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September 29, 2005

Donate $100 to Katrina victims, get a call from Brian Wilson.
I'll give you a bullet point.
Totally Killer Hotties via
It's art, and it's moving. [flash] WARNING: This might disturb some people. "We stuffed it with approximately 75kg of ice'
A horrible kind of hydroplaning can occur when kissing too glossed lips And other cartoons in the style of the Far Side. Some are deliciously twisted, some are chuckleworthy, and some are just plain odd.
Ante up, punk. I need some negotiating skills pronto. This recommended reading list has a selection of general interest tomes and if any monkeys want to weigh in on which books they also recommend I'd be internally grateful. I'm going up against a master in the next two weeks, for a whole lotta moola and a huge time commitment from me, and I'm stoked to stock up at Chapters. more inside
Curious, George: Immigrating to France How hard is it to move to France to live? more inside
What's a little bull semen to boost bilateral ties? According to International Enterprise Singapore, 200 straws of it did wonders for ties between Singapore and the province of Shandong! *Imagines what owl semen might accomplish*
Jesus will see your bet and raise you. It's time to Ante(och) up, sinners. Our Lord and Saviour is in the house and he's staring at a sweet straight when the dealer drops the river. more inside
Desolation Angles. Forest fire lookout towers of the U.S. and Canada more inside
Do you know what it means to missNew Orleans? I thought I did, but I only got there once and stayed in the Franch Quarter. But this guy says thay New Orleans has pretty much never done anything right. more inside
My God.