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September 28, 2005

Visions of Science Awards 2005 have been named and awarded. The overall winner is of salt and pepper. Some beautiful images throughout the site.
LA Monkeys, Assemble! We talked about this before, now let's make it happen sometime soon. Let's have ourselves a good old fashioned meetup at some place with a cheap happy hour. more inside
Curious George: Trick for finding free iTunes downloads? Am wondering if anyone knows of a trick for finding free downloads on iTunes. Question sparked when, recently, a thread floated around the web about some free downloadable Scandinavian pop music. Does one just have to stumble across the freebies, or is there a way to find them?
Falkland's minefields have become a mating haven for penguins. All the thousands of leftover mines from the early 80's Falkland Islands War are keeping would-be intruders from trampling on fertile mating ground. The penguins, not heavy enough to trigger the mines, are getting their squawk on.
Hours of Fun
The biggest buried treasure *in history* has been discovered.
Feral flowers. This rare wildflower landscape portfolio represents a 19-year historical documentation of a phenomenon in the Californian deserts known as "carpet blooms". A surreal display of flowers on such a scale and magnitude not seen anywhere else on earth.
A Walk Through Durham Township
Profiles of men who knit just in case you didn't think it possible. Have a yen for yarn? Learn to knit! Knit Happens? Blog about it! Knit a rabbit, knit a kitten, knit a dog a sweater. For the HP-obsessed, knit all the woolly wear from the Harry Potter movies! Sci-fi fan? Knit Doctor Who's scarf! (Warning: Tom Baker's scarf varied from 12-17 feet in length.)
Curious, George: Help The Visually Disadvantaged. Hi. I have an elementary question here, something I'm sure some of our monkeys can help me with — where are the best places to look for an education in visual design? more inside
Giant Squid Caught on Camera! At last, proof of the elusive, mysterious, and slightly shy giant squid. Absolute proof that the scurvy sea-dawgs of yesteryear weren't just drunk on grog and high on life! more inside
My my, doesn't the time fly Happy centenary!