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September 22, 2005

Body Issues, Man-Style Wherein one man spends much money and time too look "better." via Towleroad. more inside
Electro-man and trusty companion The Mighty Jacket have been found, and how far away from gotham... now all he needs to do is learn how to keep the carpet at work from melting under him.
Alice in Wonderland In Carroll's own hand, with his original drawings . . . more inside
Google Maps finds Roman ruins Computer programmer Luca Mori found the remains of an ancient Roman villa when he browsed Google Earth maps showing satellite images of his local area. more inside
Hurricane Rita approaches. Texas Governor Rick Perry has urged people in the storm's way not to leave it too late to try to escape. "Based on planning exercises and analysis, most coastal areas in Texas take 33 hours to fully evacuate. Coastal Texans should not wait until late Thursday or early Friday to leave." The latest official warning from the National Hurricane Center. Landing-point probabilities.
Curious George: Prescription Mistake My wife, who is 22-weeks pregnant, was recently given a prescription for her frequent nasuea and vomiting. The problem is, the pharmacist made a "little" mistake. more inside