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September 19, 2005

Rock Paper Scissors: now with Fire, Water, Air and Sponge! Your favorite decision-making game has been updated with more gestures. Now the designer has gone from the original three to FIFTEEN! more inside
Henryk Tomaszewski is dead
NASA has announced plans to send astronauts to the moon by the year 2020 [in a new "spaceship"].
A Nice Picture? Read the resulting thread for possibly a different perspective.
Curious, George: Bicyclettes For Christmas last year, the Lady Squid bought the Man Squid an inexpensive mountain bike from a sporting goods chain store. Although the bike has gotten me from point A to point B plenty of times, it's now falling apart - with it in the shop just about every other week - something new (tires, tubes, rims, spokes, deraileurs, cables) seems to be breaking on it with every passing month. more inside
Grow Cube. Yet another cute (and rather fiendishly frustrating!) little game from the people that did Grow and Grow RPG. (via dalryaug)
Jabberwacky has apparently won the 2005 Loebner Prize (for the chatbot whose conversation comes nearest to passing the Turing Test), pipping the former winner Alice.
Stop-motion masters with example clips and in some cases whole movies. This site also hosts those great Cup Noodle ads.
Arrrrrrrrrrr! Need I say more, me hearties?
Pizza Farm! With your hosts Farmer Gregory and Cleo the cow. You don't put cows on pizza, do you?