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September 10, 2005

Curious George: conflict resolution. I live with my two brothers. We tend to fight. How do we keep the situation liveable? more inside
Sitcom Doors Do you remember where the doors were in sitcoms? Take the quiz to see how many you remember. ...and be reminded of how much of your life you have wasted in front of a tv... (hint: if a sitcom has a door that is even slightly to the rear, the quiz counts it as center rear, even if it is on the left rear or whatever) more inside
Dogs. Dressed as bees. (via)
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Curious George: Katrina & mass media. My favorite blogs paint an exceedingly dismal picture of the Katrina relief efforts. I'm curious whether (1) the mass media is running with these negative angles or has fumbled; (2) whether indy media is right on the mark or might be adding hype; and (3) what Joe "Support The Troops" Sixpack feels about our government's response. Thoughts? What's the prevailing sentiment down at the office or bar?
Aging George: skincare for men? By surprise I've managed to make it into my late 30s, and staring into my mirror recently I decided it was time to make at least a token effort at keeping my skin zesty-fresh. My problem being, I don't really know where to start... more inside
Riveting NOLA photojournal. These are sad/beautiful/awe-inspiring/ugly. They're taken by a Nicaraguan hotel worker in the French Quarter and they describe the disaster all the way from the storm preparation measures, the hurricane itself, the aftermath and initial optimism to the flooding, social breakdown and evacuation. If you've ever been to the French Quarter, you'll recognize the streets in the photos.