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September 09, 2005

Tuesday, 7 September 2005, 9:30 AM Pacific
A Lexus SC 430 convertible speeds down a sunny street in Cupertino. The top is down. Brushed Metal is behind the wheel, stabbing at the buttons on his mobile phone. We hear the connection ringing. Brushed Metal’s agent, Mike, answers.
The Great Prison Panty Rebellion of Alabama Might be NSFW [but does not contains Marijuana]
How to Build a Pykrete Bong - Pykrete is an incredible substance that has the strength of something like concrete and the malleability of ice, plus it melts verrrrrry sloooooowwwwly. Some of you might recall a WW2 story about Louis Mountbatten chucking a lump of pykrete at Winston Churchill's knob in the bath. Here's how to make a bong out of it. Pykrete, not Winston's knob. more inside
Space Monkey Pants if I only had an extra $1000 lying around... and this auction really needs some runway-modeled pics.
PDA sucks? pocket calendar completely floofed? Little black notebook in tatters? Go ultra-lo-tek with a pocketmod: free online disposable personal organizer maker that prints out on a single sheet of paper. simple, elegant, and temporary - like everything should be! (via the inestimable Lifehacker)
So you want to be a mummy? Book your own Egyptian tomb and accessories. From the Museum of Science, Boston.
Confirm/Deny detainment-camp allegations? I'm really asking for this information to be confirmed or denied rather than posting this as a call to outrage. Clearly, if it is true, it's quite outrageous and demonstrates America's sick attitude towards the disenfranchised; it is definitely true, though, that being posted on a forum devoted to "conspiracy, extraterrestrial, secret project, government agency, and other alternative topics" does not help the claims' credibility and that any single source should be treated with a grain of salt. So does anyone have any further information? more inside
Bay Area Monkeys: Meeting up at Yentruoc's! Attention Bay Area Monkeys! As mentioned at the last meetup, yentruoc is having a party this Saturday - all the more reason for us to congregate once more. more inside
Cheney Gets Heckled - and Laughs it Off The VP doesn't mind getting the f-bomb shot at him it seems...
Curious George: Used CDs Why aren't artists/record companies suing stores that sell used CDs? more inside
Infectious Disease Research in and Around New Orleans. What happened to the diseased research monkeys at the Tulane National Primate Research Center? more inside
Incredible hand paintings by a body painter whose unique canvas is the human hand.