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September 07, 2005

Batter 'em Once again with another Carcharodon carcharias attack near Port Lincoln in South Australia, the question has been raised Kill or be killed. Technically the Great White Shark is an endangered species. So a surfer gets bitten. And once again people rush out with their harpoons to catch the shark in question. Do creatures who nibble on humans deserve to be killed? more inside
Violence in New Orleans? A week after the chaos began, how many of those widely reported incidents of child-rape, murder and mayhem have been substantiated? more inside
Curious George: hosting evacuees I'm hosting a couple from New Orleans in my home for an indefinite period of time, starting tonight. Although unable to go back to confirm it right now, from news reports they're sure they've lost everything. Any creative ideas on how to provide a comfortable and welcoming place to stay? more inside
Yahoo! Grasses! Chinese! Writer! Watch those Flickr comments, peeps...
Joss Whedon on How He Wouldn't Have Made "X-Men 3" The "Buffy" creator talks about his near-miss as an X-director as well as his new flick "Serenity."
Curious George - Who's on dial-up? I'm just sort of..."curious" about how many mofites are still on dial up. This thread got me thinking. So, r-u dial up or broadband my monkeys?
Austin Meetup : MoFites Unite! The Fall Meetup is in two weeks (Sept. 20 - 8pm@The Dog and Duck). Prepare to be there ... Bring friends! Bring family! Hell, bring MeFites! The more the merrier! Those LA Monkeys are only up on us by about 15-20 meetups so we gotta work fast! more inside
Dodging a Bullet On Sunday's Meet the Press, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said "I remember on Tuesday morning picking up newspapers and I saw headlines, 'New Orleans Dodged The Bullet.'" In a press conference today, "The headline, of course, in most of the papers on Tuesday--'New Orleans Dodged a Bullet,' or words to that effect." None of these papers have that headline. Does the government rely only on the Grenada, Mississippi Daily Star for its information?