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September 06, 2005

Watch it shred A movie gallery of actual shredding; from the ordinary but tough, to the surprising.
Sayonara, Little Buddy Gilligan has just left the building.
Celebrating the 3700 Who Didn't Die As we un-eagerly await the death toll from the KatrinaFema Disaster to rise, let's look back nostalgicly at the only disaster where the death toll dropped by more than half. Here's a serious analysis of why it happened. There were some intentional hoaxes, but mostly confirming the death claims was "labor intensive". more inside
BBC: Has Katrina Saved American Journalism? The BBC notices that in the aftermath of Katrina, American journalists are asking the tough questions. And about bloody time, too. more inside
Ab Fab Cantab Confab Cambridge Meetup... details within more inside
The art of the creative short circuit
Temporary homes for dogs and cats displaced by Katrina; they say they'll transport them to you, ANYWHERE! I've heard it reported that the ASPCA has a million dollars allocated for this creature rescue mission, and I bet people are probably volunteering to transport the critters far and wide should you be able to take them in. more inside
Pandora radio. Based on the Music Genome Project, enter something you like and a custom station explores more stuff you'll like, kinda like they can hear the music in your head...
The Oculas
Light adjustment through a complete spectrum of hues and brightness levels, built-in massage chair, surround-sound system, flat-panel video screen, DVD, video gaming, internet, all controlled by an interactive touch screen. I think it needs a serving hatch because I'm not coming out to cook.
Barbecuing For Cancer
Marie Antoinette Redux Audio link. Barbara Bush showing her "compassionate conservatism" regarding the Katrina survivors that were shipped to Texas. The hubris of this family is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Donate your time to Katrina victims. From this blog entry: "...an interesting and important tech project: building a single database to resolve the dozens of “people missing” and “people safe” databases that have appeared on the web in the past week. If you’re searching for a missing friend or loved one .... you currently need to check dozens of online databases. If this project succeeds, there will be a single database that resolves all the outstanding information." more inside