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September 02, 2005

"I'm already torn" This mime (apparently from Germany) still cracks me up as he sings to the pop song.
A little levity for a difficult week in our world. I have been assured that no kitties were harmed in the making of this awesome audio clip.
The eerie animal art of Donald Roller Wilson FLASH-INTENSIVE WEBSITE Something amusing, unnerving and beautiful for a worrisome and contentious time. This post hereby dedicated to TenaciousPettle, who introduced me to Wilson's art. more inside
The Rawker If you didn't get enough Saving the Environment then maybe it's time you Rawked Out with The Rawker!! A little Friday fun in the midst of . . y'know . .everything.
Build a periscope in your basement! Spy on your neighbors from the safety of your house! See whats going on up there one the roof (hint: it's not eight tiny little reindeer). Learn the secrets of Garlock Chevron packing, stadimeter collimation, and emergency flax packing! Did you know periscopes got glands?! Well, now you will! more inside
Curious Pearl Jammin' George ...Gotta take a break from the dismal news.... Okay, so I'm going with my sister and a friend to the Pearl Jam concert here in Ottawa in a week. I want to intro my friend to PJ music, I know some of their songs but not all of them. (e.g. I only found out about Yellow Ledbetter by accident, now it's one of my faves). So what are your favourite Pearl Jam tunes?
Curious George: $25 a day plus expenses Totally trival diversion from death, war and disaster. more inside
eMachineShop - download free CAD software, design something, and have the physical product sent to you. from linkfilter
Curious George; New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. For years we were warned of the consequences of a major hurricane flooding the city. Instead of reacting to fix the problem, money was spent elsewhere. I'm curious, what else is out there that we know is going to be a problem but choose to ignore or do little about. Example; this
I really CAN'T go home again. So, my friends, family, and I are in search of a new hometown. I don't think we really even intend to look back or return if we can possibly get away with it. more inside
Cigar Label Art
Katrina: Amerca's Shame. New Orleans as we have known and loved it is gone. It didn't have to be so, and our administration had ample warning of how severe it would be. PLEASE DONATE AND HELP, OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT. more inside