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August 24, 2005

Two chinese kids lip synching backstreet boys. The best part is the guy in the back playing counter strike, it doesn't get more chinese than that.
Snubbed George: What am I, chopped liver? more inside
Curious George: Don't Supersize Me In reading the blog entry that started it all, and the discussion at kottke.org, I still don't know why this is true. Why do you think 18% fewer patrons in McDonalds' the drive-thrus upsize their orders, as opposed to those who go inside?
Run, Run Away You may have heard the tale of Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks, or more recently the story of the Piano Man, discussed here, but when you see another news article about someone abandoning their life . . or trying to . . does it make you wonder about running away?
Patricia Waller "describes modern perversions and demons" through her woolen crochet work. "Wool is often classified as inferior in terms of art and art history. It is not a material of which major works of art are made. We women artists who work with it, reflect our status in art, culture, and society, from this material and method that one can call genuinely feminine." [Second link is FLASH] We all need a few carrot-impaled rabbits now and then! Mid-way through the flash gallery, there is a monkey riding a ) canoe.
Tate Gallery : Personal Carousel Display This java powered feature cycles slowly through about 2000 art works in 9 thumb views. As you pick your favourites, new displays appear on a similar theme to your choice (eg. pop-art --> pop-art etc). [I suggest you read the 'more inside' first before playing]
The Jail Drawings of Luis Quintanilla - Quintanilla was a Spanish artist who started out as a Cubist then moved into other genres to become a noted draftsman and muralist. Drawn into political activism during the Spanish Civil War, Quintanilla was arrested for being a member of the Revolutionary Committee which intended to oust the Spanish government. He was slammed in jail where he made a series of evocative and extraordinary drawings. Here are some of them.
Baywatch gone awry. Pamela Anderson is famous for playing a lifeguard on television, but, at the site of a recent family ceremony, her bodyguards forcibly dunked an attendee in the ocean Wha..? Okay. He wasn't an invited attendee. It was Borat. And okay. He had just emerged from the ocean in leather pants and cap, atop an inflatable turtle, and tackled her. But still!
Google has launched their IM client, Google Talk. There's a windows client available; Mac and Linux types can use any Jabber-compatible client.