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July 07, 2005

Curious George: Universal Remote Codes I just bought a new TV, and I'm having trouble finding the universal remote codes for it. more inside
OHHHHHHHHH CANADA! A recent survey shows that 39% of Canadians, both male and female, report already owning a vibrator. The ownership rate throughout the rest of the world is 27%. Discuss.
Snow Falls in Western Australia 'Snowfall has been reported in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, with overnight temperatures plunging to leave Perth residents shivering.' & yes, I can assure you it is très frais in Perth right now. more inside
3eyes “3eyes is interested in people and the way that they interact with stuff, things and each other…” To lighten the mood a bit today, I thought a post with a lapjuicer might do the trick [possibly NSFW]. more inside
Blasts in the London Underground
I love you, fully poseable metal person
<b>Curious, George: Agedashi Tofu </b>- I, the Tofu Stupid, would like to know how to replicate the tender goodness of agedashi tofu at home. more inside
Curious George - Us Against Them I'm looking for stories (films/books/short stories) where two seeming absolute adversaries start as enemies and in the course of the story have to work together against a common foe. I know I've seen seen some things like this before, but can't for the life of me remember. Any thoughts my lovely monos?
Where's the money gone? Auditing the Iraqi reconstruction.
Monkey Mini Golf! South Korea's major amusement park Everland launched a new animal show on July to attract more guests. more inside
Curious, Amy: This young lady needs a middle name. Okay, I'm asking more for entertainment purposes but it's been over a week and we've run the gamut trying to choose Amy Hope's middle name. We want something classic, probably three or more syllables since her first and last names are short. Suggestions? more inside