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June 26, 2005

Curious, George: Any Monkeys still use a darkroom? I am thinking of an experiment with the Advanced Photography System (APS) format. more inside
Question and Answer co-op As of today, there are 95,136 questions in 1,124 "Frequently Asked Questions" files. Questions like "What is the best way to divorce a sociopath?" Lawyers will soon be an endangered species.
Curious/Poetic George Does anyone by chance have a copy of Rita Dove's poem "Looking Up from the Page, I Am Reminded of This Mortal Coil" (from her collection American Smooth) they could e-mail me, so that I can pass it on to a friend in South Africa (where they don't have as ready access to American poetry books)? Thanks in advance for any help.
The Wake 'n Bacon... The name says it all. Or maybe not...but either way I hope this makes it to market. Via Engadget.
A Cotton Candy Autopsy (comic)
Pornokrates "Historic smut for the discerning voyeur". I ahem came across this whilst searching for some of Rochester's works, but it seems to be a rich resource. For example, how have I lived this long without knowing 69 Ways to say "You Whore!"? Not safe for one's place of employ, I would hazard
Curious George: Lost! (Not the show.) Today I lost my wallet. Once I worked through some of the rage, I realized: the very concept of a wallet is simply idiotic. Surely, there must be a better way? more inside
Postcards of airlines and airports. Everyone's got to have a hobby.
The truth about Belgium.