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June 21, 2005

Tits! This is the best informational site about the topic I have seen. I'm not so sure about the webmaster's taste in music, however.
How To Steal a Bike (16MB .MOV video) more inside
Zookeepers in Denmark knowingly fed animals in their care to family and friends. more inside
Ex-KKK Member Convicted in 1964 Killings Sorry for the NewsFilter, but I thought it was important. Yahoo!News, may require registration (or not).
The Nolan Sisters & Telephone Telepathy - by Rupert Sheldrake, Hugo Godwin and Simon Rockell. The Nolan Sisters?
Happy Summer Solstice, Northern Hemisphere monkeys! Happy Winter Solstice, Southern Hemisphere monkeys! more inside
Urban Air Fresheners. "We created an array of fragrances to help keep you pimpin!"
Michael Jackson "Not Guilty" Toast for Sale! "As I watched the jury's verdict being announced on June 13, 2005, my toast popped up just as Michael was acquitted." more inside
Flickr Fiend - AdJab covers Flickr. Also spotted more Great Flickr Tools.
Leonardo's lost work, the Battle of Anghiari, may be hidden behind a wall in Florence. more inside
Read between the lines... Hello reader, and welcome to my page: if you want something, try to deserve it. more inside
World66: The Travel Guide: It's a sort of a wiki with contributions by travellers. But you can set up your own maps with countries or states (USA) you've visited and have photo thumbs with blurbs at cities seen for instance. I've only just discovered it but it seems like it could be a very useful/handy tool-come-travelfilofax and diary kind of thing. It (your own stuff I presume) can be downloaded to a portable or a website. There's said to be lots of traveller info in the site as well.
I'm so hungry I could eat a... a database of foods eaten in times of famine.
Blame Canada?
The Boat Lullabies. Featuring the Square America series.
The fabled Northwest Passage, first navigated in 1906 by Roald Admundsun after many failed expeditions, is set to become navigable year round if current warming trends persist.
Psychopathic Coworkers. No, really. According to Prof. Emeritus Robert Hare, low-level psychopaths who are not inclined towards criminal activity may in fact be the crazy manager/coworkers that have inspired so many miserable hours.
Censored Japan A-bomb stories published after 60 years and here they are. Sorry for two posts in one day, but THIS is significant!