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June 20, 2005

I Love the British Let's hear it for a level playing field for potatoes!
OK, OK, I know we've had "cat and dog fashion" sites before. But this one is just so... well, so very... um... sort of ... well, you gotta see it to know what I mean.
"is this where baby taxi-cabs come from?"
Curious George: Building a Search Engine I need to build a Search Engine more inside
GoDaddy Loves Torture. Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy (the domain registrar and hosting company) came out in favor of torture on his blog today. more inside
World of monkey. I have a distinct feeling that this must be a double, if not triple, but I can't find a previous reference.
Beck is a scientologist! Sorry if this is old news, but I was in shock when I found out. more inside
File magazine - unconventional photography.
He's more chemical than vegetable now. One of the better Star Wars parodies floating around, slicky produced (oh, I'm so sorry for that).
Curious Empire-building George I'm thinking of setting something up whereby women interested in escorting and who want to know more about it can come to a seminar lead by moi...I figure I have enough material for 2 hours with room for lots of Q&A about T&A. Do you think it'd fly? Are women curious enough? How much should I charge? What you think, sexy curious monkeys? I'm jusy a-tossin' those irons in the fire...