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June 16, 2005

Age-Maps and Couples [2nd link NSFW] - Photo splicing and more by Bobby Neel Adams
Anxious George... I need a sounding board. more inside
Cheerleader Hairpieces brand has been called many style names such as cheer hair, cheerleading curls, cheer curls, competition curls and now with the introduction of our new straight styles we expect you will come up with more style names.
Curious George: News story for job-getting If you had to write about an "international current event" for a job application, what would you choose? more inside
The Very Model of a Modern Labour Minister Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan. Saw this and thought our UK monkeys would get a giggle out of it. (FLASH)
Fairy Chess When someone changes the rules.
"Outside every thin girl is a fat man, trying to get in." -Katharine Whitehorn. A small collection on insulting quotes and notable putdowns for your poisonous pleasure.
The Blue Iguana Recovery Program. Amazing creatures - five feet long and bright blue (at least when the sun is shining). Unfortunately they are also endangered.
"I just can't get over how beautiful Viceroy's yarn is." Don't waste that dander. more inside
Thanks for all the fish. 28900 Species , 207200 Common names, 38400 Pictures, 35700 References, 1220 Collaborators, 11 million Hits/month more inside
Gay Baseball Days
Viva Las Vegas and Reno and Atlantic City. more inside
Check out the Scaminator 3000 Visit www.tuesdayswithmantu.com . Scroll to extras page. Launch the Scaminator 3000. I'm Mike Rotcherz.
Curious George; Serious breast question inside... more inside
Captain Conan! You might have to hit refresh to get the timing right.
The Postmodernism Generator ...randomly generates wonderful postmodernist nonsense. Refresh the page and get oppressed by a totally different metanarrative each time. It's like a free dissertation/thesis! more inside
Tour the Maginot Line. Early 20th century France's precursor to our Missile Silo fortification system. more inside
Residence rules. When you just really need to know what avunculocal means. With diagrams. more inside
Furious George I am being libelled on an escort review board. Is there still nothing that can be done about this legally? Information is being presented as factual which is clearly not. It's hard to really get an overview Google-wise. The operator of the board and myself are both in Canada. This is stressing me so badly I'm sick to my stomach.
Curious Geordie: carrying code to Newcastle. Would there be good job opportunities for a computer geek in the Newcastle upon Tyne area? more inside