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June 13, 2005

Curious George: Bluetooth WiFi network? Can you connect to a WiFi network through bluetooth? I assume that there might be some hardware involved(?) more inside
tag - you're it tagbert.com is a tag service aggregator. Type in a keyword, and you will find photos (flikr), products (Amazon), links (del.icio.us), goals (43Things), and more (who knows?). And, yes, monkey is a tag.
What Can You Say About Art Covered Manhole Covers?
Carpet Sans Ecocide. The world's largest commercial carpet manufacturer in the world, Interface, has dedicated itself to finding sustainable ways of doing business. The results so far are encouraging. more inside
Holistic Hooping.
Meet Spud and his vegetably-challenged pals more inside
Tourist George - Opinions on Luggage Hi all. This is kind of a boring topic, but I am shopping for a couple of high quality pieces of luggage and thought that you monkeys, being the intelligent primates that you are, would have real world experience with the aforementioned gear. more inside
talk about taint: those in between places brought to you by the nonist and look, they've got brains and art *sigh*
Jazz Guitar Primer
Curious George: Help me find these songs... This has been bugging me for a while, and I just can't find the answer... more inside