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June 01, 2005

Manitoba Bigfoot II > back in furs. The somewhat disappointing Manitoba Bigfoot video has gained a sequel in a second sighting in the same area. Footprints found, hair recovered. With pix. more inside
The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries, according to the conservative weekly Human Events Online. Blatantly lifted from the blue.
Curious George: Going to Bonnaroo Any ideas or suggestions about what to bring to make the weekend even more enjoyable? Does anyone know how cell phone service is there ( we are hoping to use them to regroup after shows)? Any Monkeys going this year?
Homebuilt Bicycles (4 pages here)
Moneky, Monkey, Monkey FILTER! Sing it loud, sing it proud. This what Monkey Filter needs! Our own NSFW video with theme music. BTW, this video really is NSFW.
Curious George: Too many files, can't burn a DVD. I'm doing data archival and there are 15,000 files in my directory. All of them must be put on the DVD. Nero Express's "Select Files" menu grinds to a halt because it can't populate the list with so many files. Is there a different DVD data authoring program for Windows that might be slick enough to not get bogged down by something silly like this? Does anyone make a command-line burner? Thanks, fellow monkeys.
Curious George: Teaching Technique What have you taught and what have you learned from your own teachings? How can I become a better teacher?
I'm sure some of their faces just LOOK like masks. Apparently, wearing a Grinch mask in Wheeling is just plain illegal. It might interfere with law enforcement agents' investigation re. Who Stole Christmas.