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May 26, 2005

You've installed a panic room, but still not feeling secure? This might be what you need.
Diet Coke and Diet 7-Up with Splenda are rolling onto store shelves across the U.S. this week. It reflects a growing market shift in sweeteners for the first time in 20 years. There are widespread claims that Nutrasweet, said to have been rushed to market in 1983, may be a health risk. However, Splenda is not without its share of victims, critics, and those on the fence. Maybe this is a better idea?
The New Chastity Panties Is she cheating? How would you know, ? Chastity belts too "Middle Ages"? Look no further!
Worshipping Monkey A monkey joined in worship with hundreds of devotees during a Hindu ceremony (India). Locals call it a "miracle", having not seen a monkey around for two years.
The art of Tim Slowinski Tim Slowinski is the founder/owner/artiste of the Limner Gallery, presently located a couple hours NNW of NYC. For 17 years from the heart of the city Tim presented his eccentric style and biting social commentary along side the art of Karen Wilcox, JoAnn Bishop, and Joachim Marx (my favorite of the three examples). His interviews sometimes read like 'how-to' guides for suffering as a gallery owner. Now in a town so small that it's not named on Google maps(!!), Phoenicia, NY, Tim seems to be happy with small town life. more inside
Revenge of the Sith, indeed. It seems that even those holding massive sway with The Force still need the G-men (and women). more inside
halfbakery Befuddling ideas such as: Nipple Guards! The Dewey Decimal Carpet! Peer2Beer Network! more inside
One member of the FCC wants to investigate "rampant" product placement in television and radio. FCC member Johnathan Adlestein says that "secret" product placement breaks laws that deal with payola. Who knew the FCC could be useful? Of course, who knows if chairman Kevin Martin will actually allow the FCC to get involved in this? more inside
Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Baby. Newsfilter, I know, but wtf - it's a modern day Romulus or Remus. The dog carried the baby across the street, put her with its own puppies, and cared for her for two days. I hope someone takes the child - AND the dog - home.
Uncle Phaedrus, Finder of Lost Recipes. A fun resource. And drop in to see if you can help out in his ongoing quest to find these mystery dishes!
The seniors loved this. Drunken Monkeys My seniors checked out a long time ago. I was either going to continue to teach heavy material and give them a huge curve (I am a student teacher and this is what the teacher's policy was), or find stuff that incorporates material they deemed as "cool", and they earn grades. Dunken monkeys and high school girls? It was a winner.
Curious George Firefox Cache Just a quick one - how do I see my cache in Firefox? more inside
Dental George: getting a crown (cap) put on a front tooth more inside
He's 7'1", he plays basketball, he 'raps',... and he's a cop? And not just a cop, but a Deputy US Marshal. Shaq. Huh. I'm confused. Does anyone else find this utterly wrong? more inside
Draw with words. My feeble effort. I think that second link works, but you have to click through to enter the site?
The Adventures of Biggles. Major James Bigglesworth, generally known as Biggles, was a fictional character created by Captain W.E. Johns in the 1930s. Chronicling his own WWI experiences, Johns went on to write almost 100 stories about Biggles, including WWII and peace time adventures as well. If you're interested in learning more about Biggles, why not try the International Biggles Association, or a complete illustrated list of all stories, including plot summaries? Or perhaps Monty Python's take on Biggles is more your style. more inside
Is the internet making you paranoid? via bb but will it beat out Jesus and the aliens? Can't wait for the statistics-- more inside