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May 24, 2005

Curious George: Amazon.com gift certificates. Is there any way to convert amazon credit to paypal or cold hard cash?
craptracker (make music and play music) more inside
Why are the pretty ones always insane?
Light saber duel: 2 critically injuried I really don't know what to think about this.
Human-powered hydrofoil. Ride this contraption on water by jumping up and down. Watch it in action (QuickTime). I'm sure this is a good way to burn some body fat. It's jump or drown. I want one.
For when your phone is dirty. Wipe it with a dog. Choice of doberman or labrador.
Curious George: Whatever happened to Manis? He was the Orangutan who played Clyde in Every Which Way But Loose, the Clint Westplastic movie. I'm aware that his replacement for the sequel (Manis had grown too large) died not long after it was made, but I can't find out what happened to the first 'Clyde'. Anyone know?
Russian deputies are stupid idiots! Russian MPs are seeking to ban a Russian reality-show and send it hosts to prison, as they say the show is a form of organized prostitution and pimping in the letter to Putin.
Where to Stop and Go. "A guide to traveling with overactive bladder in the United States." Complete with the I NEED TO GO NOW! travel card. (PDF file)
Contagious Media Experiments. How many have you seen?
BBS: The Documentary has shipped! Jason Scott's epic film is complete. Previously discussed here.
Curious George: Career Marketing Services = Scam? I'm looking to make a switcheroo, and need help, but don't want to get scammed... more inside
Grand Canyon Trip - I am going camping in the grand canyon next month and need some advice/help. more inside