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May 23, 2005

Dream Anatomy Drawn mainly from the collections of the National Library of Medicine, Dream Anatomy shows off the anatomical imagination in some of its most astonishing incarnations, from 1500 to the present. more inside
TVGuardian is here to save the day! No more naughty words on the telly thanks to the Foul Language Filter. If you too, like Mary Lou Retton, are fed up with profanity in today's entertainment, don't forget to sign the petition! more inside
My friends in Battle Creek, Michigan, are going to be SO pissed. Apparently, some theological scholars now believe that the Number of the Beast (from Scripture) has been misinterpreted for centuries. Maybe we need to change the Michigan area code to 666? -via Disinfotainmenttoday.com. more inside
Sarcasm Detector: Some Monkeys may have an underdeveloped prefrontal lobe. more inside
Unidentified Google Objects First there was this one. And then they found more evidence. What are they? We still don't know, but something is out there. [insert spooky music]
R.E.V.E.L.A.T.I.O.N. is, um, "a groundbreaking work consisting of hundreds and hundreds of diverse acrostics dealing with hundreds and hundreds of diverse aspects of life-and-beyond, all arranged in a quasi-topical manner." Huh?
Curious, George: Economics Books I have been asked to teach Economics next year and I need some help. more inside
42 Below Vodka celebrates Britain. This vodka is made by a bunch of chaps in New Zealand, and is a non homophobic alcoholic beverage. FLASH animation with loud NZ accent
Just seems a *nat* for here. A group of female artists take things into their own (opposable thumb) hands.
Why English is Hard to Learn
It reminds me somewhat of Common Errors in English which was previously posted here.
Cute and Sinister. All at the same time. From a nice collection of animal pics. Grr.
Curious George: GRE I'm taking the Graduate Record Exam soon-ish and I was wondering if any of you monkeys have some good tips. I am four years out of school and dreading test day. Any help would be appreciated.
Your Age on Other Worlds - Java thingie.
The Weee man is a kind of robot sculpture built from discarded bits. The idea of making sculptures out of garbage isn't new, of course. The result can be repellent or hermetically sealed and profitable. Sometimes it's plain uninspired. Sometimes a beautifully-finished fake. No wonder people sometimes make mistakes
SF Author Robert Sheckley has been seriously ill in Ukraine since early this month. His medical bills there have become very high and family and friends have asked the SF Fan community if they can help financially. more inside
Upcoming presidential elections in Iran It seems that people often forget that there already is a kind of democracy in Iran, and not the 99.9% for Dear Leader type, either. more inside