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May 13, 2005

Girls in Mission, TX made "Toothpaste," a film about teen pregnancy. (The link above goes to a description and link to the film. To see the film, you need Quicktime.) Mission, TX has one of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the US, yet they only receive information about abstinence in their schools. Here's the AP story on the film. more inside
FREE MILKSHAKES THIS WEEKEND! (Available in the U.S., its territories and select international markets, does not include Canada.)
Curious George: Alaskan products? I like to look at labels and see where stuff is made. OK, granted, I have no life. However I realized today that I've bought items made in virtually every state except Alaska. more inside
Secret wall tatoos. The next time you stay in a hotel, check behind the so called art on the wall. You might find some real art underneath. (via Jorn)
A US study has revealed that gay men's brains respond differently from those of heterosexual males when exposed to a sexual stimulus. more inside
Well...this blows. Dave Chappelle has imploded.
Aquatic Ape or not these monkies are no strangers to the wet. Tom Sietas, breath holder extroadinaire (Video). Equally amazing is Loic Leferme who has dived to 171 meters without any breathing apparatus. more inside
Oozak is the all-kazoo musical sensation that is sweeping the globe.
Oh dear! Dearest Darling Nostrildamus, you know i love you and all...and i'm not trying to break your heart...but i just had to share!
Google Maps spots UFO over Florida (via Jorn)
Lava Tubes are natural conduits through which lava travels beneath the surface of a lava flow. They have been used by more than just insects. Archaeological artifacts and Hawaiian oral history tell us that lava tubes were used by humans much like their limestone cave counterparts.
more inside
Qwert Schmarble! Normally I'd think twice about posting something like this, but since it's anything goes day around here, I present the Qwert Schmarble! (seriously, I can't believe that this hasn't been posted before, but there's no trace of it anywhere!) more inside
Not a meetup, per se... So, I'm having a party tomorrow night. Monkeys will be representing and I figured I should extend this to any LA monkeys I've yet to meet. Friday the 13th, 7:30/8:00ish. If interested, email me for the details. more inside
Postal Food Drive - May 15th Are you monkey enough to clean out your kitchen cupboard for some non-perishable food? Sorry, bananas will not be accepted. On Saturday morning, leave it at your mailbox (US only) for your postman to pick up and deliver to food banks. It can't get easier than this!! If you are a bigger monkey, volunteer with me for the soup kitchen in Skid Row, downtown LA on 5/22... PS. I assume you monkeys help less fortunate monkeys once in awhile.
The nearly-naughty. The monkeyhouse seems silly today, so I'll toss this out.
What color eyes would your children have?
Krapooyo (a cartoon that is wonderful) more inside