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May 12, 2005

The Julie/Julia Project. A woman named Julie cooks her way through Julia Child's entire "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year (2002-2003). Over 500 recipes, on a government worker's budget, in an apartment in the outer boroughs of New York City. more inside
MonkeyFilter! MonkeyFilter is a Metafilter clone, only with more bananas and less flinging. There are some colorful personalities on the site and lots of interesting links. Check it out!
Zoologist Karl von Frisch proposed in the 1960s that honeybees use dance as a complex means of communication - particularly as to the locations of pollen-laden flowers. While accepted in general (and this is what we were all told at school, yeah?), the theory was not accepted by many scientists. Now, via the use of radar, Frisch has been proven dead right. seen @ Robot Wisdom
Celebrity Skin and Body Fluids. "Celebrity Skin was formed in 2003 by an anonymous collective of former Hollywood personal assistants" ... "All our specimens are tested by experienced body-fluid identification technicians at the Allamas Biological Research Facility in Greeley Colorado and cross-referenced hospital birth records and blood analysis from the Red Cross." Parody? Scam? Or just more proof that our society is sick, sick, sick?
My new hero. So this high school student was arrested at his own prom for wearing a prom dress, see. And a wig, and a corsage, and his mom's purse, too. He's a straight boy, but when his gay friend was dateless for the prom, he agreed to go. But, he decided it would cause fewer questions if he went in drag. "I looked like Marilyn Monroe," said the member of the track, ski and powerlifting teams. Unfortunately, although the school was fine with two male students going together, they didn't seem to go for the prom dress bit. Now, the poor boy can't compete for the pole vaulting record! gawd, truth is always stranger than fiction
The married man pays up-front for sex; she grants him a specified amount of time; if she gets pregnant, it's agreed that she will get an abortion. It's religiously sanctioned and there is paperwork involved. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She is in.........Iraq? more inside