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May 05, 2005

Curious George: women scientists in film. I'm setting up a film discussion series for my graduate group, and am looking for movies with positive roles for women scientists. more inside
A Warrior's Programming Language C++ not geeky enough? Try programming in Klingon!
Curious George: typos on printed promotional material. Greetings fellow monkeys. My first post, sorry it's a question: a performance group I'm in needed printed promotional materials. The designer (a good friend and part of the group), sent the materials to the printer without a spell check. There are a handful of typos on an otherwise beautiful package. They are meant as invitations and mementos for an event. We can't cover it up without calling attention to it, and I feel uncomfortable distributing it with the errors. The person worked hard on it, but made the one mistake of not having an extra set of eyes for a check (and is a bit sensitive when the errors were mentioned). What would you do?
Another (small) NYC Bombing Yesterday someone planted two "grenades" outside the British Consulate in NYC. The UN stepped upped it's security, and with people already abuzz about the lack of security, will New York, or America as a whole, come closer to becoming a military state?
Special obscenity unit: Prosecutions for obscenity are on the rise. more inside
I'm a Pepper™ , you're a Pepper™, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper™ too?
New materials provide insight into radioactivity in the environment, self-assembling nanostructures and genetic fingerprints yield insights into health of diverse ecosystems
StrangeWire: Your source for all your paranormal news needs. Asking the difficult questions such as, "DO ORGAN TRANSPLANTS TRANSFER MEMORIES?" (Because, "according to this study of patients who have received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories, behaviours, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient.") Cue eerie music.
Curious Georgette: Endometriosis not for easily grossed-out monkey-men more inside
BookCrossing. Release your old books into the wild, and track their movements. Or find a book and send it on its way. It's becoming a popular way for authors to get their books read, too. more inside
No one with a user number of 1 is allowed to read this. I thought about putting this on the wiki, but am not sure enough of us are reading it at this point. Two seminal events are approaching, and we need to get organized. Sometime around June 26, a baby will be born unto our goddess and fearless leader and her consort. July 27 is tracicle's birthday. Presents seem appropriate, since she and #2 have given us a place to play, and argue, and flame out and enjoy. more inside
Unknown Species of Dinosaur Found From the article in the LA Times, registration required: The scientists acknowledged that they owed the discovery to the troubled conscience of a man named Lawrence Walker, who found the creature while poaching fossils from federal lands, digging only at night hidden under a tarpaulin. He had sold several of the fossil fragments at mineral shows. more inside
BMX film Astounding riding in 10Mb clip of Corey Martinez. winmedia or quicktime (both embedded)
Dome Improvement Now they say that the constant dumbing down of society is to be blamed for the Flynn effect!? (via)
Save the antelope [mpg]
Doctor Who Top Trumps (via viewropa)
Curious, George: What exactly is a "hollaback girl"?
Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert is getting his own show. Where the Daily Show makes fun of news broadcasts, Colbert's show is supposed to make fun of talking heads. Hopefully, it'll be good.