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May 02, 2005

17 Drawings Matthew F. D. Hemming (aka CheeseburgerBrown, author of the Darth Vader blog) just published a short day-in-the-life story-book based on this article here. Not only can he write, he can draw too! more inside
Teach-yourself computing for kids Pardon the link to a news site, but i found this story very interesting and wanted to share.
CEO Report to Shareholders from Chase Bank
Cannibal Flesh Donor Program Cool (Flash) Design Site
Random weirdness is the only real reason for grouping these sites. I like weirdly random things.
Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass. An angry physics major sounds off.
A Ukranian sign language news interpreter told people the truth about the election. While the state sponsored news broadcast told people that the (Russian backed) candidate had won, the sign language interpreter let everyone know the fix was in.
Curious George: What's the deal with MS Office's defaults? Do people use them? While I know that there is a Letter-size, A4 divide, some of these might apply regardless of the paper size. more inside
Messengers of Faith: Collectible talking figures that recite verses from the Bible! 12" tall, highly detailed and fully posable!
Details of Hilter's last days in the bunker revealed. Erna Flegel, Hitler's nurse, reveals what happened in the bunker during Hitler's last days. Not to be confused with Der Untergang, the recent film version of the same events starring Bruno Ganz. Reviews of the film here. more inside
Decent Free Photo Hosting I'm looking for a free and decent photo-hosting site for my blog . I've been to Flickr, but they have a 20MB per month upload limit. Anyone know of a better place?
Life Imitates Art Tip of worker's finger cut off. Finger turns up in container of food. more inside
Beautiful Roman Glassware in exhibition giving a good idea of sophistication of design, and evoking a picture of use in daily Roman life. Image galleries one, two, three and four. Quite nice, I thought.
Ever wonder what that eerie creaking sound was?