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April 26, 2005

Publishable George: How does one go about getting poetry published in this day and age? more inside
God Says Up the Bum! (NSFW, no images, but titles readable from afar, may offend Christians) So...can't figure out how to get butt sex and swallowing onto the menu? Find Jesus. And preach unto the unconverted Anal Sex in Accordance with God's Will and The Necessity of Swallowing - The Sin of Spilling Seed. more inside
A classic. More Star Wars fun. Luke and Obi-Wan get a message from the dark side.
Toby's Nose Filters® Motto: "If your nose could speak, it'd be telling you CLICK THE BUY BUTTON." Added bonus: Lucious graphic! Heh.
How well do you know your anatomy? For those with science geek tendencies, the Anatomiae images group pointed to this Smithsonian National Museum of American History quiz. I got 7 out of 10, which is at least enough to maintain my geek cred.
Bitchchecker is Teh Hax0r!2!
Darth Vader tries to pitch a movie - not reckoning on the power of the Suit Side. Requires Quicktime. I thought it would be crap, but actually laughed, so maybe you will too.
The breakup conversation — imagine you've been dating someone for a few weeks, but it's not really working out - so you decided you're going to break up with them over IM. The role of your clingy soon-to-be-ex is played by the computer. (WinXP/2k only) more inside
Compelled to write, but fewer readers? According to the executive editor of Norton, sales of literary fiction are dismal, so fewer chances are taken with writers who haven't had a bestseller. As a consequence, good writers may get cut if their latest effort doesn't bring home the cash. [NY Times link, Harold Bloom] more inside
Virtual tour of a real-life Hobbit hole. more inside
Curious Funky Monkey Jorge Is there some way to identify ourselves on a P2P to other monkeys on the same site? You'd have to be able to search somebody by their user name, I'd think. Which I can't seem to be able to find on Ares. *grump* more inside
21 Year Old, Still Fresh, Needs some work (via towleroad.)