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April 18, 2005

I suppose having it scroll [fill in the blank] would be redundant. . .
Scholar claims Michelangelo faked the Laocoön statue Lynn Catterson from Colombia University, says that the sculpture of Laocoön, a character from the Iliad, found in 1506, was not created by the ancient Greeks but by wily Mikey. Michelangelo was on site when the sculpture was found and was the person who authenticated it. He also faked other stuff. Fire up the DeLorean, Doc, we're sending the Capuchin SWAT team back with handcuffs for this evil artist. more inside
South African zoo wants chimp to kick smoking habit more inside
Adobe buys Macromedia "...we anticipate the integration team will identify opportunities for cost savings by the time the acquisition closes." So long, FireWorks. See ya, LiveMotion. Hasta la vista, FreeHand. US$3.4 billion to ensure fewer choices for designers such as I. Anyone wanna wager on the upcoming GoLive/Dreamweaver deathmatch?
Leviathan: My life is now complete. more inside
Curious George: Opera Help! This morning I was browsing Mefi and Mofi when my computer crashed (which it often does in the early morning, coldness I guess). When the computer started back up, I reopened my browser, which is Opera. When I went to my favorite places to reload Mefi/Mofi I found that all my links were gone... all of them! Do any monkey know what to do, or how this problem came about. Can I prevent this from happening in the future, and more importantly, can I get my links back?
The Oxyrhynchus Papyri reveal their secrets. more inside
Curious George: Web Page mark up program I just read an article (but forgot where I read it...) about programs that enable you to take a copy of a web page, mark it up with your comments and forward it on to someone. Any monkey's know what's best in this area? (I'm a mac OS X user) Thanks for the help!
Police want to add monkey to SWAT team.
The Biggest Summer Movie of the Year is About to Break Down the WALLS!! (WMV. file) More info here.
"TJCG is God and is SPREADING and SHEDDING LIGHT in a DARK World." Ted Jesus Christ GOD has been working on his True Third Testament to the Bible for a while now. He wants your virgin daughters (which makes him kind of a David Koresh figure without the guns and shredding metal guitar licks). Perhaps because he often finds himself being drastically hacked by demons, he's a big Linux advocate. [via the Daily Illuminator]