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April 12, 2005

What was she thinking? While not as crazy as this, Mrs. Miller definitely needs some therapy. Perhaps these 4th graders should have had camera phones like these kids... Though at least the U.S. isn't as tolerant of teachers behavior as Moroccans. Frankly my dear, they don't give a damn!
Monkey Foursome, so Monkeys I've been playing ShotOnline the MMORPG of Golf and I was wondering if any PC based Monkeys wanted to form a foursome. more inside
Japan #1, USA #2 in hours of TV watched per person per day
Just Say No. What's the weirdest thing you've ever tried to make a pipe or bong out of? For me, it was probably the case of a stick of Old Spice and a Bic pen... However, I'm guessing [hoping?] this kid in Vermont has us all beat,
Culinarious George: <i>Fromage</i> What cheeses do you like? more inside
Proof that the Idaho State Legislature has a healthy sense of humor...
Pictures from Asheville The small but significant Asheville mefi/mofi meetup pictures can be found via this thread. Don't miss my shoutout to about 1/8 of the people I would have shouted out to if I hadn't then had like 47 more beers.
Do we really care? Must be a slow news day. I can't help to notice that CNN is becoming more like "Access Hollywood" or "Inside Edition". Perhaps it was This that started their desent?
Patriot act recurs. No film at eleven.
Today is Yuri's Night – a celebration I have just now heard of and don't plan to celebrate, but it's worth remembering that today is the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first person to fucking go into space on April 12, 1961. more inside
Unintentionally sexual comic book covers. more inside
Auditory George - Easiest way of importing my old CDs? Hello all! After downloading most of my music, I finally took a look at the stack of my old CDs and sat down to try to import them into my iTunes. The problem seems to be that when I am importing them using iTunes, the importing gets hung up on what I suspect is a song that resides on a particularly scuffed up part of the CD and just sort of hangs there. Is there a better importing option for mac, preferablly for little or no $$$? Something that will let me stop a song import if it isn't working and skip to the next song without rebooting the program? Thanks large!
Space Hijackers vs The Government London based anarchitects Space Hijackers, known for their Circle Line parties, have challenged members of Parliament to a round of Mayday cricket [pdf] "over their lack of honour and morals". more inside
We Stand As One. Guy on beach + thousands of flags + balls of light which are really angels + film clips of firefighters = Tribute? more inside
BEST. 404 URL NOT FOUND. EVER. Found this surfing through old threads . Made me waste five minutes.