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March 25, 2005

1) Choose Life. 2) Add To Cart. The ad oddly describes the Save Terri Schiavo Teddy Bear ($18.99) as a "cutie" that will "put a smile on someone's face." Too perky? You might prefer a tote bag, t-shirt, mug or throw pillow ($14.99 and up). Or Terri as Joan Of Arc Cufflinks ($9.95). Or... more inside
Curious George: Shipping large items. My best pal just bought a great co-op in this wonderful building, that's the good news. The complicated news is, she's like to ship her dining-room table and chairs back to her parents as she doesn't have room for it. Any ideas on how to go about doing that fairly reasonably? They live about 450 miles away.
Curious George: Digital Voice Recording Transcription Is there software that will take a WMA digital voice recording file and turn it into a txt or doc file? more inside
Come to Asheville, Meet Mefi/Mofi types. Moonbird & I have planned an Asheville meetup - Friday, April 8, 5ish, at the Flying Frog Cafe. Even if you don't live here you should come for this. SEE the mountains! DRINK the beer from one of our many fine microbrewerys! LISTEN to the bluegrass! And spend a few hours drinking & talking with the WNC mefi/mofi contingent. Y'all better post or we'll get appalachian on your ass. ;-) See you there!
Curious George; windupornot. Baptist Creation Science Fair I can't decide. Are these people for real ... or is it a very sophisticated piss-take. Let's have a vote! (via B3ta.com) more inside
Graf do Brasil Brazilian graf artist Zez√£o is doing some amazing underground art. No, really.
MoFi/MeFi Meetup in Philly! Sunday April 10th. Standard Tap 5pm The time makes is good if any Mofites want to come down from NY, DC, Harrisburg or Atlantic City. More Inside more inside
The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks
Defy gravity in the comfort of your own home!
Pop quiz! Guess the group from their picture. (Direct link to Excel download) more inside