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March 20, 2005

Turn your telly into an oscilloscope! Very cool, very dangerous. lots of big images and a small QT video, so not great for dialuppers. via the always-amazing music thing
Things other people accomplished when they were your age. So, what've you done lately? At the ripe old age of 15, I'm lazily rotting away on MoFi when I could be helping the blind or attending Columbia University. Thanks for ruining my day, Museum of Conceptual Art. more inside
The Janus Museum is a small virtual institution dedicated to the life and times of Allan Janus, photographer and collector. more inside
Perhaps he could truly see no hope in the world. Shocking all who knew him 14 year old child prodigy Brandenn Bremmer commits suicide. At the surface he seemed well adjusted, "He's in wonderful emotional shape.", yet he chose to destroy his brain. Perhaps there's a clue in his music - his second CD being finished on the day of his death. Looking deeper, his mother writes about death (I wonder who is in that photo?), in fact, it is surprising she wasn't able to predict this one. What is going on here?
How many reactions can one click make? Sunday Flash Fun
Mindfulness In Plain English
Frog Hospital Croaks Australia's frog hospital is closing. Possibly the only frog hospital in the world, it played an important role as frogs are indicators of environmental health. Of course, some of those chazzwazzers aren't very welcome in Australia anyway... So we're left wondering: Who Will Run the Frog Hospital now?
Wagner: genius, anti-semite, cross-dresser. A new biography of Richard Wagner by Joachim Köhler paints a picture of a deeply emotionally broken human being, a user, a paranoid; moulded by parental neglect into a romantic with an inability, perhaps, to truly love anyone but himself and his music. Literature. An article from The New Criterion.
Curious George: MusicFilter Looking for music recommendations. I recently got a copy of Dummy by Portishead and really like it... more inside
I don't know who Longmire is, but he's got some amusing romance covers.