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March 18, 2005

80's music nostalgia wave! Duran Duran's new album was only the beginning. Billy Idol's new CD is upon us, while New Order's new album is almost here too. Mötley Crüe, meanwhile, are working on their new CD, as are Kate Bush and Bruce Springsteen; even Paula Abdul is planning a comeback. If Duran Duran can do it, anyone can! Right? Let's hope so. more inside
Asbestos, Québec, by any other name? - “There was a time when the people of Asbestos, Que., bore their town's name with pride. Those were the days when asbestos was the miracle fibre that paid for new schools, new homes and new hopes every day.”
The Canon Camera Museum. (Flash (no pun intended) in spots) Includes the Virtual Lens Plant, showing lens grinding and assembly. more inside
What if you could show the past and the present at the same time? Sascha Pohflepp uses reflective beads to display the old names of streets in Berlin--names with strong historical connotations. Click the right arrow (in the lower right corner) to reveal more. [via we make money not art] more inside
HairMax LaserComb achieves over 90 percent user satisfaction and results without any worrying side effects! Feel good about your hair again! (Complete with Forum)
Got any nautical jokes for the All-Volunteer Yacht Club?
Magnetic letters on your fridge? Imagine if anyone on the web could be moving them around. It can leave one feeling some what helpless. Friday fun.
Hanpanda. Half of it is panda and the other half is other animal. There are more than 100 kinds of Hanpanda...
Fried dough around the world! Who doesn't like fried dough? Combined with a very cheesy website?
VideoGeorge: DVD backup Help me back up my DVDs! [I'm a vid idiot] more inside
Andre Norton, 1912-2005 Andre Norton, requisat in pace. One of the great ladies of science fiction and fantasy has passed. Her fansite is blacked out for 24 hours in mourning. *sigh* Miami Herald. NYT stories. (via) more inside
Sure...you say you dig pie... but dawg, are you down with pies like these? Reppin' for Pie Recipe Central. Good Ol' Boy Pie Avocado Lime Pie Sicilian Easter Pie Green Grape Pie more inside
Online Irish immigrant database. I was listening to NPR today when I heard this piece about a "missing persons" column that ran for many years in an old Boston Catholic newspaper; maybe you can find your relatives in the database of mainly Irish immigrants to the U.S. who were listed in the missing persons column. Also, check out this database including some 70 percent of immigrants who entered the U.S. through the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. more inside
Numa numa what? Sure, everyone's crazy about the numa-numa guy. There are even somewhat funny immitators, but let's not forget the original webcam sing-along that started it all. (wmv, sorry folks) So what happens to flash-in-the-pan Internet superstars? Life goes on, I suppose.
Project guitars How to make 'em and maintain 'em. Warning -- contains guitars.