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March 17, 2005

Not just found cards. Cards submitted by readers. Looks like it's been around a while, but nothing turned up in the archive. Inspired by this.
Curious George: Wiki I have recently downloaded wxWikiServer, which happily runs on my desktop. But I wonder what I can do with a wiki, apart from create a new Wikipedia. Can the monkeys point me at exemplary wikis, to give me a clue?
The Scene. A suprisingly entrancing free online video series, and since something can't be popular on the Interent without being parodied. 4th episode NSFW. /.> Enter the Internet underworld. Where secret ftp servers with tons of space and bandwidth, provide the top of the the tree from which copyrighted media falls to the lower level peer to peer networks. more inside
Washi villages. Washi is traditional Japanese paper: the authentic variety is now made in only a few places. Though ultimately deriving from China, washi paper has a long history in Japan. In typically mendacious and rapacious style, the Brits have a rip-off version called Oxford Indian paper.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate by buying a piece of Ireland, only $49.99. Worldwide shipping!
13 Things in science that do not make sense. An article in New Scientist on topics from methane on mars to the placebo effect to cold fusion. Via linkfilter.
The Encyclopedia of Diderot & d'Alembert. This magnum opus of the French Enlightenment took over twenty years to complete and includes 21 volumes with subjects ranging from asparagus to zodiac as well as a map of the system of human knowledge. They're still translating a bunch of articles, but if you're up to it, you can read it in the original French.
Gizoogle: Finally, a translator that is useful in the real world! [Possibly NSFW: obscene language]
The Church of Jesus Christ in Zion is sect of Mormonism. They recognizes Roger Billings, who invented the first hydrogen fueled car, as a prophet Billings, is a scientist, engineer and inventor prior to creating his own sect.
The Billings Business Computer was an early competitor of Apple and he was the originator of many ideas in spreadsheets, databases, etc. He has now created his own following of people who practice the doctrine polygamy as well as other teachings of the fundamentalist beliefs among his members.(more inside) more inside
Turtle TV Network. With some strange videos featuring turtles as actors. "The One With All the Cinema" reenacts popular movies, and "The One With the Shower Scene" reenacts Psycho.
Welcome To World Fiddle Music
And dat's da name of dat tune. It's kind of disappointing 'cuz he does such a good death row prisoner.
Mariko Takahashi's Poodle Fitness Workout
Jazz and the "White Negro." [mi] more inside
Amaztype rocks my world. Enter any word into amaztype. Select your favorite amazon website. Choose your favorite medium. Hit search, and watch the fun! Don't forget to click around on the result as it builds.
Senate agrees to arctic drilling After an interesting reinterpretation of the democratic process, the US senate has voted on allowing arctic drilling.
Did your ancestors fight in the American Civil War? Maybe they died or were taken prisoner. Perhaps they recieved commendation for their service. The National Parks Service can help you out with their fully searchable index of over 6.3 million soldiers. more inside
Hitler's bomb Berlin historian Rainer Karlsch claims that the Nazis conducted three nuclear weapons tests in 1944 and 1945. But he has no proof to back up his theories.
Air India - 331 Dead; everybody walks. Some more background info on the politics behind this hideous loss of life, the worst single act of terrorism the world had seen until 9/11. Twenty years of investigation down the toilet, and no closure for the families.