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March 16, 2005

Air India - 331 Dead; everybody walks. Some more background info on the politics behind this hideous loss of life, the worst single act of terrorism the world had seen until 9/11. Twenty years of investigation down the toilet, and no closure for the families.
Application of the Socratic Method to elementary school — primary school children gain a theoretical understanding of alien cultures by discovering that they knew it all along. more inside
Olympic Slash Fanfiction Has anyone noticed that in the past 5 to 10 years fans of movies, events, and other things have gotten weirder and weirder? Olympic Slash represents something that is actually tame, but represents a growing trend of the internet bringing together the best or worst of fans. I'm not sure this is worth reading, so much as being amused at the concept. Anyone notice this increase in fan-wackiness?
Those wacky geniuses at Google are at it again: Google Sets
Infant care through SCIENCE. Continuing with my current baby theme, I bring you milk, nursing, infant management, and health care (in English!) Now where can I get me some "bignesse of a Pease of diascordium? more inside
Shout-Outs Stationery! Made-to-order custom illustrated stationery and gifts starring YOU!
Curious George: What's the deal with Deadwood? Watched my first episode last night... more inside
This guy is great. It's a shame that his new-found fame is getting to him. Whatever, though - this is great fun. Requires quicktime. Has sound. Desperately hoping this isn't a double post.
Let's talk about Shemp.
If you don't laugh at these, I'll kick your ass! As part of the build-up for Wrestlemania 21, the WWE has gone Hollywood in a series of commercials in which wrestlers re-enact famous films. My favorite, however, was the West Side Story take on the Royal Rumble (Windows Media files).
It's a joke, with monkey in the title (answer to your cowbell dreams). If you must have more cowbell, a simple device to help you achieve it. more inside
Housing the Spectacle: The Emergence of America's Domed Superstadiums. I was about to make a "humorous" remark in another thread about the Houston Astrodome being the 8th Wonder of the World when I came across this site, which I think is pretty cool. Housing the Spectacle is a traveling multimedia exhibition tracing the post-WWII development of longspan, lightweight roof structures covering public stadia.
Buddy Rich jams with Animal - on the old Muppet show from 1980. Gene Krupa called Buddy Rich the "The greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath." Animal (Frank Oz) was the greatest drummer never to have drawn breath. Watch them jamming until the point where animal (after having wigged out) can only stare in amazement. You need Quicktime to view this clip. Just over 10 megs, well worth it. more inside
How to Be Emo - A hilarious short, errr... 21 minute film. Makes me wanna go write a poem. WARNING: Massive file size. Broadband highly recommended. more inside