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March 15, 2005

Curious George: Poison Ivy Within the past two days, poison ivy has started to develop on my hands. Gross details inside. more inside
Marci Hamilton on the Ten Commandments case before SCOTUS. Anyone else notice that there is very little attention being paid to the Ten Commandments case before the Supreme Court? I've seen and heard more about Michael Jackson's court drama while *trying* to avoid it than this debate and the possible impact it may have, which I've been looking for. more inside
"I Have Given You my Advice" : Educational Principles in the Hittite Empire. OK, you don't give a damn about the Hittite Empire. But there's killer stuff here: more inside
Storage. Sleep. Porsche. Gucci. GPS. Heart Monitors. Transportation. Comfort. Protection. Dental care. more inside
Make Martha Stewart's poncho! 10 percent of the profits go to Xiomaro Hernandez at Alderson Prison, who made the now-famous "Welcome Home Poncho."
Hi, My name is Robert MacNichol and this name is coming up on the Blair Witch Vol. II site. I'd like some explination as to how this happened. I want my name off your public domain and diconnected with anything relating to your business. Please advise Rob.
Blog, Wedgie and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: what do they all have in common? more inside
The Palm Jumeirah (flash) is part of a truly breathtaking holiday and residential development. The 'eighth wonder of the world', this involves the largest man-made islands in the world, in the shape of stylised palm trees. The great assets of the site include natural coral teeming with wildlife which is being enhanced with ambitious artifical reefs. But divers now say the site is an ecological catastrophe.
Curious George: Small Objects of Desire What objects are you really glad you own? more inside
The Theremin was invented by Lev Sergeivitch Termen (anglacized to Leon Theremin) in 1919. It uses Electromagnectic Induction to control pitch and volume. It produces an eerie, whistling sound associated by many with early horror films. more inside
Blue Origin and they're hiring
Think the Harlem Globtrotters are getting too big for their britches? Then why not support a smaller team: The Tiny Trotters -- a basketball team consiting of Little People (warning site is full of horrble java). The most brilliant idea for sports entertainment EVAR!!!
The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is showing an exhibition of work called Now and Then, pairing a cartoonist's pro work with his/er juvenalia. To wit, here's Tony Millionaire, Peter Kuper, Charles Burns and Gary Baseman.
But' I was only checkin' me mail! whats a blog?