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March 11, 2005

Boy who raped teacher given life. Not to be confused with Teacher who raped boy given 7.5yrs.
Art or Not? Answer the age-old question! (Stolen shamelessly from the Blue). more inside
A New Bunny you know how they're updating Bugs Bunny to some crappy shit? Here's a flash animation mockery thing of that concept. NOT safe for work. I found it LOL funny, hope you do too. more inside
EPIII trailer. I know this is all over the interweb like a rash, but darn it, I'm just so excited. My namesake is also in this trailer. (Link goes direct to 37MB download page QT). Prepare to wet yourself.
It's Frozen Dead Guy Days!
Tycoon offers $1 million to husband of Terri Schiavo to keep her feeding tube in. The tube, which is keeping her alive - albeit in a vegetative state, is scheduled to be removed next Friday. The offer from Robert Herring expires on Monday March 14
Hand-held games of the 70s and 80s: an online museum. (No simulations, I'm afraid)
Guess the Movie Personally I couldn't guess a single one. But the pictures are fascinating and bizarre -- apparently movie clips with the people edited out but not the clothes.
Conspiracy theory du jour - On September 5, 1982, paperboy Johnny Gosch was abducted. According to some sources including, apparently, Gosch himself, the 12 yr-old was taken by a highly organized pedophile/pornography ring. Gosch escaped his captors, & now lives under an assumed identity. That identity is allegedly James Dale Guckert - aka Jeff Gannon, adult pornographer, gay escort & fake journalist. The Moscow Gazette reports that 'Gannon' will write a tell-all book exposing a ring of homosexuals & pedophiles within the highest ranks of the GOP. Predictably, others think all this is bullshit. more inside
Western Civilisation a Contradiction in Terms
Ancient Chinese sex-toys [NSFW if 3000 year bronze dildos aren't your workplace thing] The text is in Chinese but the pictures speak for themselves via Danwei
Does the Devil Play Tricks? Opinions Monkeys.... New Theory on Michael Jackson. Did he create this whole media circus purpously? He bases his business approach on P.T. Barnums (Barnum & Bailey circus) methods. Is it posible that Jackson created this whole situation so he could create a "trial of the century"? Or is he the devil in-carnate he appears to be, and should be made to play horsey with hundreds of inmates. Thoughts?
Curious, George: sympathy gifts A friend and her husband have just lost their baby in her 30th week of pregnancy. What is an appropriate sympathy gift? I'm a boring/basic cook, so pre-prepared meals aren't really a good idea (plus a mutual friend is a chef and made her a ton of food). They have a houseful of flowers already and I want to give them something useful if I can.
The Blind Cow is a restaurant in Zurich staffed by sightless people, and diners eat in complete darkness to simulate blindness. It's gotten so popular that reservations must be made three months in advance.
Oh Mikey!
MeFi Santa Monica MeetUp Sunday, March 13th I'm surprised some other duel-citizenship-Fite hasn't posted this earlier. more inside