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March 10, 2005

Good? or Evil? All I know is that I would have fought less with my roomates over dishes. (At least the ones whose rooms didn't belong here). But opinions differ.
LEISURE TOWN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG The best comic on the internet, once dead, is now BACK!
The cross you bear has become much lighter thanks to modern technology. more inside
Do they have a frog problem too? I lived in this central Mass. town for years, and never had a problem with birds falling from the sky. Apparently, I left town too soon.
More Bodily Excretions....Explained. Includes a description of possibly the most disgusting research study ever.
Dogs of San Francisco. We have cat lovers here, but do we also have dog lovers?
Curious George: Guide to Bittorrent for St00pids I don't know anything about bittorrent. WinMX is giving me a hard time downloading Sid Meiers Pirates. Need advice ---> more inside
Don't Shoot The Cats? Or, maybe we should? The Wisconsin airwaves have been buzzing about DNR Proposition 64. What do you monkeys think -- ferral cats doing enough damage to be called "fair game?" more inside
A monkey would never do this! Handgun + Cooking + One hungry cat = trouble more inside
DO NOT SELL THESE STONES. These positive energy stones are grey in color and small. The positive energy from a stone is not everlasting and will deplete over time. The stones must remain unmarked and in their natural state. Polishing the stone may make it look pretty, but will only reduce the stones overall power
Squooshy Pineapple's Cavalcade of Photo Funnies laugh, I nearly did.
Drawn. A new blog dedicated to art, cartooning and drawing. Lots of nice pics and styles.
The Industrial Art Gallery showcases the kind of drawings that made me want to become a draughtsman, and the astonishing illustrations of Kevin Hulsey (make sure you don't miss the cruise ship) carry on that grand tradition of making the technical beautiful.
The Amazing Axlotl: The salamander that refuses to grow up. Thanks to this perpetual pre-adolescent, humans may someday regenerate their amputated limbs. But while we're waiting, they also make a lovely snack when you're in a fix.
A reminder: order your MoFi tee before the 14th! Just in case anyone forgot, orders close on the 14th so you'll need to get your orders in via email to me in the next four days (link is to original thread with ordering instructions). more inside
Spit, urine, breast milk, feces... these are the weapons of your enemies. Needless to say, they fight dirty. Sometimes they attack without you knowing it, and only tell you the details afterward. What you see as threatening or repulsive, though, others may find appetizing. It's enough to make me want to cry, but I'm concerned I might accidentally shake some on to an innocent bystander (and risk being charged with a crime) or have some football coach lapping at my face like a thirsty dog at the toilet bowl of his dreams.
Curious George: To Neuter or Not To Neuter We have a five month old "mini" Jack Russell and it's decision time. I've done some research on the web and, frankly, have been dismayed by the attitude of largely partial sources on the net. more inside
WE WON! After nearly four years of national boycott, the Coalition of Immokalee (Florida) Workers have won their fight for an additional penny per pound of tomatoes picked. Boycotts work!
make a montage from google's image search.
Antipodean heads up. Anyone up for this?