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March 09, 2005

"107 year-old" man found dead a decade after his death in Itami Japan. In a scene that brings back memories of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho, a man who was thought to be the oldest living resident of Itami Japan was discovered to have actually been dead by local authorities after his 75 year-old son opened his mouth to a relative
Victorian Web Literature, history and culture in the age of Victoria. more inside
10 X 10 Way cool!
Checked out Mental Floss magazine? I've linked to the quizzes here, as I thought others might be suffering the Wednesday funk as I often do. Hate to be a shill, but I became a big enough junkie to subscribe.
Wal-Mart and Gnosticism. Tim Boucher posted a short, albeit interesting, blurb about the rise of Christianity -- and the squashing of Gnosticism -- compared to the rise of retail behemoth Wal-Mart over mom 'n' pop stores.
Mic In Track Sometimes, people recording their voices on their home computers accidentally make the recording available via Kazaa or other file-sharing network. And sometimes, a mischeivious composer known as Stark Effect remixes those recordings into songs, which can be incredibly catchy, surprisingly wistful, or just sweet.
Obviously here for the food. Jaws comes to England. British Monkeys beware!
Al Qaeda May Have Targeted Oscar-Winner!! "...part of a bid by the militant network to "culturally destabilize" the United States."
high quality fps Only requirement: a browser and shockwave.
Dr Who Leaked The new 'revamped' sexy non-stupid-victorian-clothes-wearing Dr Who first episode 'Rose' has been leaked onto the filesharing internets. Leaked, as in, the Beeb are doing their own version of viral marketing. Anyone with bittorrent please download this & let me know if they screwed it up. Love, Doris.
PottyHeadz! "When you dunk them in water they will drink (absorb) and store the liquid in their fat bellies just like a camel. Once full, your little buddy will need to relieve himself like any good Joe and that is where you come in." (SFW)
Implosion World. more inside
Do you see banana man? (VIDEO)
Moskau! Moskau! When Teutonic pop goes bad. Late 70's German pop group Dschinghis Khan sought to combine historical and epic themes with disco beats, Abba-esque style, and Village People dance moves. Ensuing train wreck is preserved for all to see. [Flash, sound, SFW]
Before the bow and arrow, there was the atlatl. The first true weapon system, it may have been responsible for the extinction of the wooly mammoth. The atlatl's armor piercing capability almost allowed the Aztecs to triumph over the Conquistadors. You can make or buy one yourself, and experience the thrill of the ancient hunt. Atlatl movie clip.
Director of The Jacket speaks out. John Maybury says that Milion Dollar Baby was a piece of shit, and that Memento and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are inferior films of the same genre as The Jacket. more inside