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March 05, 2005

Naughty Words As Memepool points out, "They appear to have overlooked "bukkake" and "felcher," so act quickly!".
The witchcraft in Harry Potter is real! Please note that most of these spells are CHRISTIAN in origin. more inside
International Cell Phone-email-a-majigs International Cell Phone-email-a-majigs more inside
The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation
I hope these guys get hit by a truck.
The Wonder Clock OR four and twenty marvellous Tales, being one for each hour of the day
Tentacles of Desire. Joshua Hadley traveled across Japan in the 19th century, documenting a world rarely seen by outsiders. One of his most bizarre discoveries was the Kinoe no Komatsu. It included several woodblock prints of octopi and female pearl divers in intimate situations. The woodblocks ranged from the odd to the downright frightening. [NSFW] more inside
Giant Steps, visually translated. What Michal Levy sees when he listens to Coltrane's work. Well, I just think it's purty.
In 1991 a new species was named. Its origins lie in 1951, when Henrietta Lacks was admitted to the Johns Hopkins hospital. The diagnosis was cervical cancer. Ten months later, she was dead. more inside
Abortion foes shun Democrats' proposal to reduce pregnancies: "Referring to Reid and Clinton, Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council said, 'Their idea of reducing unintended pregnancies is more sex education and distribution of contraceptives. ... That's not the solution, that's part of the problem. If they want to start promoting abstinence, fine — but they won't.'" Here's one woman proposing a Lysistrata response.
Battlestar Galactica now has downloadable podcast commentaries! (If you aren't down with podcasting you can also just download the mp3 of the commentary) You can listen to them as you watch the show (or tape the show and watch it again with the commentary). Who needs DVD's?
Earth to Condi: Get Stuffed Column from Former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and UN bigshot Lloyd Axeworthy who published this scathing open letter to Condi Rice.