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March 02, 2005

Bubba the 22-pound lobster was recently caught in the waters off Nantucket, Massachusetts. Apparently he's even set off a battle between PETA and a group calling itself "People For Eating Tasty Animals," and will eventually settle down in a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum more inside
ChoicePoint, Part II Continuing the earlier FPP about this, the LA Times (and others) have uncovered that the same thing happened to ChoicePoint 5 years ago. more inside
Language Garden Does an orangutan find freedom in the gift of words? Do we? more inside
World of Warcraft! Who's up for kicking some butt on Azeroth and Kalimdor? more inside
Game Theory The University of Alberta has a group that's working on mathematically solving a host of popular games, such as checkers, chess, and poker. Some playable demos of their work are available, and they've consulted to a few big computer game companies.
Curious, George: Firefox Sabotage? My wife is having a bizarre Firefox problem on her work computer (brand-new WinXP box, running FF 1.0.1 beta), and both Google and the bug forums on Mozilla fail me... more inside
Baby is hungry and you have no milk? well that's OK...here, feed him this rocket fuel bottle.
Way up wep! At the British Library's website "a remarkable collection of more than 55 hours of audio recordings of English regional accents and dialects went online today" via the Grauniad. Proper job, my lover.
The Sense of Smell Institute. Get ready for Sense of Smell Day (April 30) or read the Fun Facts with Dr Nosetradamus (sigh).
Does this bother anyone other than me? I'm not a Kobe fan. I'm not even a basketball fan. This woman's behavior doesn't say "victim" to me.
Finally, a use for that dormant GMail account. Use it as a great big hard disk that can be accessed from anywhere. more inside
Everything you wanted to know about menstruation. But were too busy dodging plates to ask. Or feeling too rubbish to look up (depending). Includes jokes.
The Cross in Space via bifurcated rivets
It's all about the O. Guess I wasn't the only one whose eye was caught by that commercial. probably USian monkeys only.
Spider man, Man of God. (via)
MofiMefiMeet Seattle Monkeys, please join us at the Big Time in the U on March 5. Flaunt your tees, as it's been years since Matt launchend any couture.
Masquerade and the Mysteries of Kit Williams
I had a copy of untitled as a kid and was much attached to it. Kit's work is intricate, beautiful and intriguing; surely I'm not alone in my nostalgia for these books?
US Supreme Court Bans Executions for Minors. Well, for those who committed their crime(s) as minors. more inside