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February 25, 2005

Real men are Brawny men -- Brawny has a homo-erotic ad campaign that is as creepy as it is brilliant. I especially enjoyed the "Innocent Escapes" which are best described by friend: “Don’t you feel like he is going to turn on you at any moment and kill you and keep your corpse in a shrine in the woods?” I'm going to go buy some paper towels now.
Adware and Privacy together at last. An attorney and former Claria executive (you remeber Gator right?) is now on an executive pannel on privacy for the White House. more inside
Happy Monkey: I haven't been here in a LOOONG while. so I just wanted to say: HAPPY FRIDAY! ooooh oohh aaah ahhh. k bye
X-ray Porn/Art (NSFW!) A sampling of Wim Delvoye's images. While explicit, I think that they're interesting both as erotica and as art. They also certainly give a better understanding of where the soft tissue ends in the skull, for those of you who have to do anatomy drawings out there. more inside
video from the LA meetup I thought that this deserved a front page post.
A Snig a day! "When single-celled organisms were first treading their way through the primordial soup, snigs were swimming laps in it." more inside
Musical Signs . windows media
gnomz ! now in English. Create your own mini-cartoon, share them with the world or send them by email. more inside
The Guard Dog One of five Oscar-nominated short films available to watch today on Salon (you know the drill...)
The Sarah Foster Sweater Collection for GI Joe and his friends
Sega adverts
Jeff Gannon comes out swinging. Mr. Gannon I have one question for you. Is this a "come-on?"
And geez, did this slimebucket have to steal Hunter S. Thompson's words? Sorry to stink up the joint, but this (and this) made my hair stand on end.
Don't Cook This Dog. The strange and really heavy land of missionary pots, sad irons, and flop griddles. Obscure and beautiful cast iron cookware.
Was the U.S. really founded as a "Christian nation"? Our nation was founded not on Christian principles but on Enlightenment ones. God only entered the picture as a very minor player, and Jesus Christ was conspicuously absent. . . . Though for public consumption the Founding Fathers identified themselves as Christians, they were, at least by today's standards, remarkably honest about their misgivings when it came to theological doctrine, and religion in general came very low on the list of their concerns and priorities--always excepting, that is, their determination to keep the new nation free from bondage to its rule.
London Meetup: Redux The Great God Marduk, God of Spring, Guardian of the Law, and slayer of Tiamat, has risen. more inside
Banana Bunker! A new and improved variant on the infamous Banana Gaurd. Because who needs a gaurd, when you can have a bunker? (Via Gizmodo) more inside
Curious George Do you get ill playing FPS games on Xbox? more inside
This is totally sweet.
Curious George: GAMESWAP
Alright, we already have music swapping in place, but what about a little something for those of us who like-a da video games? more inside
Because it's STILL snowing in NYC.