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February 24, 2005

Curious George: How to find a lost sister. I can't find my sister, who was last heard from in Mississippi (where, presumably, she lives) a month & a half ago. My dad and I are seriously considering putting out a missing persons report if we don't hear from her by Saturday. I'm trying to find her before that happens, but my google-fu is failing me, and since I only have a few names and no phone numbers, google's all I've got. more inside
"Lejo's simple but unique puppets consist of nothing more than his bare hands and a pair of wooden eyes." For fans of The Muppets and SeƱor Wences. more inside
(sex) Toy Robots
The Saga of Lt. Ilario Pantano An American Soldier who has be charged with premeditated murder for an incident that happened more than a year ago. An incident in which he was cleared for by his battlefield commanders. Is this Justice? Or is the government using him to try and placate critics of the war?
The Secret Gospel of Mark? For all of your Indiana Jones/Umberto Eco conspiracy theory needs. more inside
Gifts for: a sick bastard, a vain bastard, a baby bastard, your bastard ex. Who says Design is Dead? more inside
Curious George: Office Politics for Dummies You get a new job, and make your first mistake in the office. It's difficult to assess if it was a major mistake or not, because instead of rationally discussing it with you, your new boss sends you a very nasty email, and copies 2 higher-ups on it. What do you do? more inside
Meet Python Pete and his incredibly large constrictor. "He's another tool in our toolbox." Completely SFW.
How much do the good people of Island Records despise their cash cows and themselves? more inside
Hunter S. Thompson's ashes to be shot out of a cannon If the Thompson job were his, Williams said, he would probably blast the ashes from a 12-inch-diameter mortar 800 feet into the sky. Then a second, window-rattling blast would scatter them amid a blossom of color 600 feet across. "If you were going to light up a flash-bomb worthy of Hunter S. Thompson, you'd want to make it an earth-shaker," Williams said.
Einstein@Home Einstein@home is a program that uses your computer's idle time to search for spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars) using data from the LIGO and GEO gravitational wave detectors. more inside
300 Love Letters I'm writing three hundred love letters and sending them to strangers. The letters are going to be glued to the outside of the envelopes, so that the mailman, and presumably whoever the recipient lives with, will be able to see and read them. The letters aren't to the strangers, they're to people I know. Everybody I wrote a letter to has his or her own color [1] [2] [3]
Common errors in English. Can never remember whether it's imply or infer? Love to be a nit-picking pedant? Then this is the site for you. Detailed explanations of common mistakes people make when dealing with the English Language.
Oldskool new school more inside