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February 23, 2005

/lazy This cartoon sums it up best. Now you can order pizza while playing Everquest II. more inside
A Flash animation sketching the female body from the skeleton out. (Might be NSFW if you consider a few seconds of drawn female nudity to be so.)
Last moments of Tsnuami victims caught by camera. A local (Vancouver, Canada) couple went missing during the tragedy and were later found dead. Recently, the memory card from their wrecked digital camera was found by a relief worker, from Seattle. The card contains pictures of the last moments before the tsnuami hit Thailand. If there is a sliver lining in this story, it's that their sons know they were together at the end. more inside
New iPods! you will get your credit card...you will spend your money...Steve Jobs is your lord and master...
California Croonin'
The Financial Cost of the Iraq War Curious George - what does 200 BILLION dollars buy in a war? more inside
Fifty Word Fiction. Prose fiction's answer to haiku, perhaps. Stories told in fifty words. The ADHD version of nanowrimojoflobloho. Now, ladies and gentlemonkeys, get to work. Tell me a story. more inside
That ball was out!
The Day After Tomorrow. Exactly how do John & Terry afford that $600K mortgage, SUV, big-screen TV, and pool on a modest salary? And how do they weather a hypothetical domino effect where the U.S., plagued by consumer credit and offshoring of jobs, soars into economic ruin? more inside
The forgettable and occasionally regrettable. Ever wanted to know where the substitute republican elector from Maine in 1840 was buried? Of course you did!!! more inside
Calling creative minds! Boss turns 40 tomorrow, and admin asked me to create a list of "appointments" that she could post to his electronic calendar. I need some creative ideas to add to my short list... note, boss has good sense of humor (not easily offended), but he *is* the fella who pays us. Monkeys?
Reality TV show for sale.
callalillie is collecting cast off cat whiskers Sometimes, dear internet, you make a request that defies any real explanation. This is because we all contain an inner freak, and some of us are just larger vessels that others. Note that she wants only whiskers that your cats are through with. No plucking! Guesses? Art? Fetish? Vodoo to turn her into the Queen Of All Cats?
Walking with beauty (Native American artifacts). Then, a look through "Beauty and the Beast" tales from this collection. And another kind of "Beauty and the Beast", in the form of fractal art.
Go whale hunting. Inland. Do you have strange childhood memories of seeing a blue whale up close, but have never actually been to sea? more inside
Curious George: Mail theft Curious George: Any Monkey postal workers? Question about mail theft...
Was there a 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution that was ratified but ignored? According to some right-wing conspiracy theorists, yes. This amendment, they say, makes it illegal for lawyers to serve in public office. More here and here. more inside