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February 22, 2005

MonkeyGifts - March swap. Opt-in for March gift swapping has begun. If you'd like to sign up, now's the time! (You can also sign up for the community but not swap this month - monthly swaps are only opt-in as you feel like it.) Here's all the community info if you're interested in joining us.
Curious George: Time Travel If you could travel any"where" in time, to what time period would you travel, and why? more inside
Flashblock allows you to avoid irritating, flash content in Firefox and Mozilla. It prevents flash content from loading, replacing it with a play icon - to see the content, merely click on it. Eat my *ss, drudgereport.
A Riddle: What do the Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Io, Uranus, and Neptune have that the moon, Venus and Mercury don't?
Curious George: Landline ahoy! Hey monkeys. I'm moving to a new place and pondering dumping the landline totally. Anybody out there landline-free? Pros and cons? The only service we really need at home is high-speed Internet; is that more expensive without regular phone service?
Eat plutonium death, disgusting alien scum! Read the first ever appearance of D.R. & Quinch in 200AD, courtesy of the BBC. One of Alan Moore's quirkier creations. more inside
Figures of Speech. An interesting look at the various literary tools employed by writers and examples of their use. This is a useful resource for students of literature or simply those who enjoy reading and writing.
Curious George: Which new language would you most like to learn if given the chance? Why? ... sort of follow-up to this and this. more inside
22 beautiful things, selected by this guy from this place.
Sing for your supper. (or in this case breakfast). Here's a TV commercial (MP2) that just started running in Canada this month, for a Yogurt drink called Yop. It's fun, so start the week off right! courtesy Screenhead via LF more inside
Doodlebug (flash) Draw Draw Draw