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February 18, 2005

Cocktail Waitresses To Be Fired For Gaining Weight A casino has announced a policy that anyone who increases their weight by more than 7 percent can be fired. more inside
Something about Sofie... The dirtiest comments I've ever read !... more inside
Reality TV show helping marriages is now casting. Lifetime TV reality show is bringing wedded bliss back to some disillusioned wives in a new series.
The Eggcorn Database Many people who lack a flare for language, when given free reign to write, instead of towing the line, put English through the ringer. In future, don't just grin and bare it; issue a cease and decease! Heave scorn on the abusers! Help preserve the goal standard of written English! more inside
Curious George: Sunny and Secluded Camping in US? I'm thinking of blowing town for a week or two. Looking for warm, beachside camping in a mostly abandoned park (aren't we all?). Any of you sunmonkeys got some advice? Here's what I've come up with so far.
A flow of water greater than that of all the rivers on earth. Most cultures have stories of the flood. But this flood dwarfs the myths. Waterfalls 3.5 miles wide and 400 ft high were created. Noah was contacted but said "no comment".
Vintage Paperbacks
The virtual locust effect ... The linked site used to host downloads of Chris Morris related media files. A natural fpp for any of the filter/link sites you might think. Unfortunately the result of them being posted on the Blue was that their bandwidth shot up and the site's owners had to take it down until the swarm passed and replace it without the downloads. This raises a question - should we be aware of the locust affect when we link to a site? more inside
. if you thought disaster-related kitsch was a relatively recent phenomenon... more inside
Vibrate your way to health. "Stronger. Faster. Smarter. Advanced vibration technology. Maximum results in minimum time: The 10-minute success!" (From the "Sometimes These Things Just Write Themselves" File.) Totally SFW; annoying Flash warning.
Jimmy Hats vs. the Clap On Wednesday's Lou Dobbs Tonight, Florida Rep. David Weldon (R) claimed that condoms "can only protect a man about 30 percent of the time and a woman about 60 percent of the time from contracting gonorrhea." Is that true? The studies I found are epidemiological, not clinical, and don't provide any hard numbers. I'd love to call his office and yell at them, but I want to go in well-armed.
"Hey there. I'm Todd. I'm from Corporate McDonald's. We're trying out a new promotion today."
more inside
Folk medicine - UCLA's searchable database. Or you could try one of these. If all else fails, maybe an Anglo-Saxon charm will sort things out.
The police said it was a joy to produce the photographs of Park caught red-handed.
It's a been a couple of days, time for another L.A. meetup. This coming Thursday (February 24) at 7:00pm. The Liquid Kitty in West L.A. 11780 W. Pico Blvd. Giant Robot (no relation to sexyrobot, as far as I know) isn't too far away, if you want to make the most of your trip to the west side. more inside
Space Tree! more inside
"To those who value the Charter yet oppose the protection of rights for same-sex couples, I ask you: If a prime minister and a national government are willing to take away the rights of one group, what is to say they will stop at that? If the Charter is not there today to protect the rights of one minority, then how can we as a nation of minorities ever hope, ever believe, ever trust that it will be there to protect us tomorrow?" - PM Paul Martin, addressing the Canadian Parliament on same sex marriage and the Charter of Rights. via metafilter.
Hardboiled Detective Slang. You'll be spittin like a shamus in no time.
For all John Cleese fans The real Fawlty Towers! You can vacation there!