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February 17, 2005

homeland security seizes "harmful art" Last time it was Austrians calling US artists immoral.
The "Worst Bridesmaid's Dress" Competition Video link of the Minnesota History Center's fashion show of some of the worst dresses. I have to think the monkeys here had some worse ones... should we win the Star-Tribune's matching contest? If you don't have a photo, at least tell us about the worst one you've had to wear...
So the NHL season is canceled. Who cares? With video games and other exciting options, that reptile in your brain that wants blood can be sated without watching sports. Whether or not video games lead to violence is a moot point. The question is what giant falls next: The NFL? Why pay players? Who needs the real thing when we got game?
SXSW is coming. Is anyone from here going? If you are, I suggest an Austin meetup for monkeys from scattered parts. more inside
Curious George: Dating. Seriously, what's the dating situation like these days? (read on) more inside
To Bell the Cat? Curious George for cat owning monkeys - help! Remember the rat? This morning it was a bird, quite alive, pretty large, caught & carried inside somehow in the 10 minutes between my opening the pet door for the day and getting dressed. Has anyone ever put a bell on their cat? Did it work? I'm worried that he might hang himself, and I remember a cat we had when I was a kid who would just lose his collar every day until we gave up. Hints, suggestions, commiserations, thoughts?
Just in case atom bombs fall - a hand book for civilians
Reminder: Ottawa Meetup Ottawa Meetup: the date is upon us. We meet tomorrow at Pub Italia at 7pm. Hope some of you Ottawans can make it! And bring implements for shoutouts. Possibly also a banana, so we'll recognize each other. ;)
Built on a Haunted Naive American Burial Ground Ah, noble savage, the Naive American. The term 'Naive American' is widely recognized as meaning a person who is of a tribe or people indigenous to the United States. When Naive American men got together to make peace or conduct their business, they often shared a long-stemmed pipe of tobacco called the calumet, which they believed induced "good thoughts." more inside
MoFi has had a tough past few days, even losing several beloved monkeys along the way (we miss you Christophine, Path, Beeswacky, *sigh*). It's time for something fun... something perky, something to improve our lives... it's time for THE CUP-A-CAKE! "This unique container will hold a frosted cupcake in place with protrusions positioned in such a way that the cupcake will not move within the container if bounced, jiggled, or turned upside down."
The guillotine. Not, in fact, invented by Dr Guillotin: last used in France in the 1970s. And, er, nothing to do with the previous post. No, indeed.
Princess Michael of Kent Britains most famous Nazi puts her foot in it again. She really should have married Prince Philip. It is time the Commonwealth was disbanded, and its members made republics.
Where do you steal your music? I assuage my guilt by using a credit card and buying music from allofmp3.com which, BTW is a great fucking website if you are comfortable with the Russian Republic's royalty rates. It's still a rip-off if you think the "old laws" apply. I am an anomoly, though: I don't buy new music at all, ever. It will take me another 10 years to "re-buy" all the music I used to have, and I am happy to have the opportunity. Jesus, I just watched the "Live Aid" DVD last night and saw massive gaps in my jukebox. But tell us where you get your tunes and don't worry about it. There is no harm in opening the door, right?
It Could Be Worse Banana Snarfers; Our Pagan Rituals Could Suck... more inside
Fuck dem' bitches! This is my first post ever and I am looking cute and feeling cute.
You've never heard of Tchoukball? Wll, neither had I until I visited this site. As a rather active monkey interested in the philosophy and ethics of sport, Tchoukball provides an interesting example of how different starting points can influence the direction of a sport's rules and culture.
Korfball, the world's most popular Dutch-made sport. Probably closest in description to netball or handball, korfball was created so boys and girls could play together "on equal terms". It's catching on around the world (need more words!) and has been a demonstration sport at the Olympics (Okay, in the 1920s, but still). And if you don't want to join a club right now, you can "bet" on tournament winners! more inside
How YOU doin'? Missouri #1 State For Getting It On! I, of course, was totally clued in from the get-go. more inside
Canterbury's final voyage. The HMNZS Canterbury was built in the Clyde shipyards and launched in 1971. It seems likely to end up as a dive spot, but it's most famous moment was when the Labour Government of 1973 sent it to escort a flotilla of private vessels protesting French nuclear testing in the Pacific, an action which lead to the ending of open-air tests. more inside
What have I become? my dearest friend..... I gave up on baseball when those overpayed, primma-donna bench jockeys went on strike years ago, and I think I'll do the same for hockey.