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February 15, 2005

Who's old now? With 40 year-old hipsters kickin' it with tha kiddies, is anybody old? Will age still matter in ten years? more inside
ChoicePoint: Criminals posing as legitimate businesses have accessed critical personal data stored by ChoicePoint Inc., a firm that maintains databases of background information on virtually every U.S. citizen. ChoicePoint warns more than 30,000 they may be at risk. Oopsie! Oh, and ChoicePoint was also the company that was paid $4 mil. in a no-bid contract from Florida's Katherine Harris to draw up felon rolls before the 2000 election. Discussed here.
The ALLERCA Foundation "is dedicated to preserving endangered animal species through the use of current and future genetic technologies" such as DNA banking... but there seems to be a profit-driven angle involving hypo-allergenic kitties as well. Veterinarians will have to pony up $1,000 per year to be licensed to "OK" the cats after they're shipped by Allerca. more inside
acid trip Gumby cartoons ---made by the art collective PaperRad in Providence, RI.
Gregory Jacobsen NIGHTMARE FUNTIME ART! Bosch crossed with dripping cotton candy served on a radiantly broiled hank. odd paintings!
Captain Underpants Create your own comic
100 Movies that deserve more love. more inside
1,000,000 (DRM-Free) Songs In Your Pocket A theoretical look at how one might use Winamp to fill 252 CD's via Napster's 14 day trial period. Via Boing Boing more inside
The naughtiest (and possibly NSFW-est) games of all time. more inside
Tassili N'Ajjer, a plateau in the Sahara, has thousands of curious rock paintings. More pictures here and here. Also a video. (Not worth it if you're on dial-up). Some of the pictures, it is argued, are evidence of a prehistoric psychoactive mushroom cult. Tassili is on the World Heritage List, but in spite of their isolation the paintings are becoming increasingly subject to vandalism and theft.
Pro-ana girls attack Museum of Hoaxes A forum post about whether a pro-anorexia websites are real attracts pro-ana kids to the fascinating Museum of Hoaxes, spawning six pages of uninformed debate, eating disorders, cutters crying for help, tirades on American cuisine, bad spelling, unpredictable capitalization, and at least one reference to Nazism. A fascinating glimpse into the very strange world of pro-ana subculture (some images NSFW). more inside
Write A Caption For This Picture
The Toymaker has some nifty, simple paper projects to print and assemble, like otters with wardrobe and dancing skeletons. Like the ghoulish? Maybe you could use a coffin box or perhaps a medieval helmet. For those with clear eyesight and a steady hand, try constructing New York landmarks like the Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. Take your pick. more inside
But, Duuuuude, it's ORGANIC! Mendocino County, CA takes the lead in protecting its citizens.