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February 14, 2005

Prepare to meet your mouthless masters. I always knew that harmless, cute icon was a front for some sinister activity... seriously, how long until we get to witness some fake UFO trailing a N*ke banner? (SFW image; some comments and the rest of the site very much NSFW)
Breathe deeply. Go to the Happy Place. Visualize Dick. "Positive imagery around negative situations and circumstances, or people you love, can create miraculous results." more inside
Patent attempted for human and ape lab chimera A New York scientist's seven-year effort to win a patent on a laboratory-conceived creature that is part human and part animal ended in failure Friday, closing a historic and somewhat ghoulish chapter in American intellectual-property law.
Adverts that look like other adverts
Hair Fairies nit-zapping.
Curious George: The Obligatory Valentine's Thread General Zod is not amused. Perhaps you expounded here or needed some backstory to truly appreciate this greeting card holiday. Discussion, stories, . . probably some liqour, a few hormone-overclocked simians, etc. inside . . . more inside
Hieronymus Bosch's The Action Figures of Earthly Delights
Eerie and informative colour photos of WWI I have come across only a few colour images of WWI (sic). These images used the autochrome method. Developed by the Lumiere brothers, autochroming was the only industrial colour photography method available until 1935, when it was largely replaced by the system developed by Kodak. These pictures can completely change one's perception of the War. They are far different to the monochrome images of the trenches and the wounded that I am most familiar with.
Curious George: Medication Alternatives I'm looking for some info on dietary or other useful alternatives to taking medicaiton for depression and anxiety. more inside
Thomas Friedman & the Chocolate Factory The realities on the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq (two separate issues in my view) are much different than how these serious issues play in Thomas Friedman's mind. I often feel I have stepped into Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory everytime I read the latest opus by the neocon Times columnist. Friedman has a brainstorm on how the reward money for Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi should be used instead. Hey kids, let's throw an essay writing contest. more inside
The top ten reasons I hate lesbian porn. Come on, girls.
Curious George: What did you do today? Seeing as we're 22 hours into the calendar day and there have only been five posts, I couldn't help wondering where the monkeys are. Where were youse guys today? more inside